Difference Between Leadership and Management

Leadership is an art of taking responsibility to a group of individuals in order to create a motivated team and guide them towards acting upon a common goal.

Even though the leadership quality is like the air in a balloon when considered the balloon to be the management skills in a leader, there’s a difference between leadership and management.

Leadership is a quality of social skills to organize the talent and knowledge of the team in order to meet the demands in the society. A leader is the main representative of a team. A leader is an individual who is capable of becoming a front face of the team.

A true leader with good quality in leadership must always be ready to accept the mistake of the team as his/hers own and be able to face the criticism put towards the drawbacks of the team.

It is of no hidden question that the applauds for the remarkable achievements of the team is always credited to it’s leader.

What is Management?

The main difference between leadership and management is that leadership is a quality whereas management is a skill. Management is a strategy to identify the talent and knowledge in an individual and generalize their capacity to produce good output.

Management is an approach to organize a space, provide few or many individuals with necessary resources and help them gain maximum advantage out of it.

Management is the practice of understanding the necessity of each team member, developing an environment to favor motivation to work in each team member and deploying the jobs accordingly in order to achieve the task results due before the deadline.

Management is a key skill that binds individual job holders into a team to get the most out of them. For a good leader, management is a duty understanding that the development in qualities and effectiveness of a team is an experience gained towards sharpening his/hers management skills.

What to do in Leadership?

In leadership lies the capability to dream a vision. When it comes to the roles of leadership and management, there is a complete difference between leadership and management.

There is a leadership quality in everybody but not everyone is seen as a leader. There are very less leaders in comparison to the population. Leadership is being proactive. Leadership is being visionary.

If a city is to face drought season every year, the leader will proactively store the necessary or more amount of water for the season instead of waiting for the situation to arise and plan for the solutions.

Leadership is problem solving. A leader seeks towards the root of the problem because leadership is not being satisfied with the things as they are. Leadership is influencing. Leadership is motivating.

A leader influences everyone to see the vision he/she has seen, motivates them to work for him/her towards that vision and paves a path for everyone to reach that vision. Therefore, leadership is vision oriented whereas management is goal oriented.

What to do in Management?

The major difference between leadership and management is that leadership is vision oriented whereas management is goal oriented. Management is a collection of abilities to improve one’s skills.

The skills can be process planning, decision making, communication techniques, time management, problem solving and delegation handling. With these skills, the functions of management can be easily accomplished.

The primary functions in management are planning, leading, organizing and controlling the designated task. The management also needs a leading ability.

Simplifying with accordance, Managers lead a small team of individuals whereas the individuals led by Leaders are more in numbers and usually known as followers rather than a team.

The task of a manager is to work in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the goal. This can be achieved by leading employees, organizing processes, planning projects and controlling organization.

Difference between leadership and management

The distinct difference between leadership and management is that leaders have people to follow their ideologies and vision whereas managers have people to work for them.

Leadership aims towards influencing and inspiring individuals to follow a path. Management sets a target to achieve and plans accordingly with the team. Leaders show followers what needs to be done whereas managers tell employees  to do certain tasks.

Leadership is said to be for calculated risk takers whereas Management is for minimizing the risks. Finally, leadership believes in shaping entities whereas management believes in following rules.

1It is taking responsibility.It is applying strategy.
2It is a quality.It is a skill.
3It is vision oriented.It is goal oriented.
4Leaders have followers.Managers have teams.
5It influences and inspires individuals to follow a path.It sets a target to be achieved and plans accordingly with the team.
6It is calculated risk.It is minimizing risk.
7It believes in shaping entities.It believes in following rules.
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