Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Communication

The advantages and disadvantages of modern communication are diverse. The new types of modern communication have been responsible for keeping the environment informed as follows:

  • Report on news that occurs in your country or region.
  • Learn a new trade in a self-taught way.
  • To socialize and relate to the outside world.
  • To promote products and services.

Just as the world is constantly changing, we have changed with it. That is why in this post you will learn how modern communication works and how this has brought advantages and disadvantages to society.

What is modern communication?

Before, communication consisted of generating strategies where content was broadcast and it was received by a general public.

With this form of communication it was very difficult to quantify the impact this message was having.

With the use of the internet, now not only a message is used that is received, but also the one that receives this information is called a user .

This user is able to give feedback on the content, which can end up being positive or negative. So with the creation of this user it is much easier to quantify the results used in a content marketing strategy.

Conventional media have not stopped transmitting modern communication, on the contrary they have also adapted to send a message through digital media.

Tools used by modern communication

Modern communication has created a level of reach that ranges from traditional communication elements to digital media. These are the ways in which modern communication has a form of expression:

Audiovisual media

One medium where modern communication is transmitted is television. This is the most economical method of consuming information and feeling as if you were living the situation in the here and now.

Television uses auditory, visual and human stimuli. This means that you can consume modern content of gastronomy, cultures, ethnicities and news of situations that occur in your country or another continent.

Hearing aids

The best known is the radio. Information is transmitted through radio programs. Radio is a medium that allows users to stay informed while in the car or even on their mobile devices.

You do not have to be in a fixed place to obtain information. Modern communication is also used through radio.

An example of this adapted to the radio is that some radio programs make internal jokes that you can only understand if you continuously listen to the program.

Digital media

Digital media

Digital media are the most used current tool to convey a message in modern communication. You only need to have access to the internet, a computer, or a mobile device.

Unlike other media, this one does not need too many people to launch a piece of information. It is enough for one person to write a sustainable text and index it to their website so that millions of people can receive this information.

Both visual and auditory stimuli are used in these digital media. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others, make content that is in line with modern communication.

It is also necessary to mention that social networks use an element that is immersed in this evolution and that is memes.

Memes and the influence on digital communication

Although we will talk about this topic in-depth in a post dedicated to its influence, it is very important to mention the creation of memes and how it is part of modern communication.

Memes are a novel, jovial, sarcastic, and fun way to convey an idea. And it is another of the modern forms of communication used in digital media.

A meme has the ability to viralize a situation that occurs in real-time, and not only this but also millions of users can create a replica of the original as a form of expression.

So coming to this conclusion, a meme must have three characteristics to become a potential communication message:

  • Be interpretable
  • Numerous
  • Durability over time.

The content used through memes is even more valued today than information transmitted by publishers, companies and organizations.

Influence of modern communication in times of Covid19

Influence of modern communication

After the regulations issued in the month of March of the year 2020 of confinement, modern communication became the end to acquire many things that were no longer available to users such as:

  • Constant communication with family and friends.
  • Telecommuting for sectors that managed to stay one step ahead of the crisis.
  • The online purchase of medicines, food, among others.
  • The world stopped becoming a physical interaction to be virtual and preserve health.

So people who had no contact with modern communication had to learn to understand this medium and how it works and thus get what they needed.

Even according to a news item published in the Digital Journal, the Psychologist Lucía Valdez reported that in these times where isolation abounds, the best that can be done is to be in line with modern communication.

Although this concept can be paradoxical since it is indicated that for the sake of the mental health of many it is important not to saturate with information that can be interpreted as negative.

To preserve psychological well-being, it is important to use the means offered by modern communication to keep in touch with friends and family.

Advantages and Disadvantages of modern communication

It is important to mention how the advantages and disadvantages of modern communication have an impact today. For this reason, we explain the two sides of the coin:

Advantages of modern communication

Modern communication has been effective for more than ten years, so we want to name you some reasons why it remains until today:

Easy access

Easy access

Digital media have created search filters where you only need a computer and a mobile device, use a term or word, and find an infinity of information about it.

This causes conventional media to lose attention since they have a certain schedule at a day and time that may not be of interest to the person in question.


Thanks to the influence of modern communication, there is a message sent and a user as a receiver capable of generating an opinion about it.

From information to knowledge

The fact that there are several pages generating content on a topic, allows the user to discern between different points of view and adapt his own. So it goes from misinformation to knowledge.

From linear content to hypertext

When a user accesses information, it is interconnected with another user and they may not be aware of it. Digital media have created this network of interconnections through hyperlinks that allow you to know in-depth information.


Modern communication knows no distances or barriers to transmit a message. The veracity with which information can be indexed through the web means that we can all be in sync.

Disadvantages of modern communication

Disadvantages of modern communication

Although it provides users with advantages, it is also necessary to mention the attributes that it does not have in its favor.

Lack of authority

Thanks to the creation of users and as they are able to express themselves through digital media, in some cases it lacks authority. So there are various content that have not gone through a filter that demonstrates authority.

Dependence on the user

Once a person acquires content quickly and within easy reach, they create a dependency.

Information manipulation

A person who has not completed a basic level of schooling can fall into information without basis or foundation and create dissemination of what has been learned.

Lack of context

When an individual uses text messages, emails, or social networks to transmit a message, it can be misrepresented by other users.

Why? Information can become subjective. Lacking tone the reader can interpret it in different ways.

That is why in this case it is necessary to implement persuasive writing that becomes entertaining, without lacking support for the reader.

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