The Difference Between Gaming Laptop and Regular Laptop

When buying a laptop, you will find that some laptops are marked with a gaming laptop, and some do not have such markings, so many people are more curious. What is the difference between gaming laptop and regular laptop? Which one is more cost-effective? Next, let’s take a look at the difference between a gaming laptop and normal laptop.

Difference Between Gaming Laptop and Regular Laptop

The so-called game laptop refers to a laptop computer that is mainly used for playing games, while normal laptops have many uses and types. It can not only be used for office, but also can play some simple games. There are three main differences between the two: One is the difference in use; the second is the difference in graphics cards; the third is the difference in price, the specific differences are as follows:

1. Different purposes

Normal laptop products are used for daily office work. It can also play some small games, while gaming laptops take more into account the needs of game users. Therefore, the difference between the two types of products and services determines the two They showed great differences in product performance and various parameters.

2. Different graphics cards

The gaming laptop uses a professional gaming graphics card, which can get a higher gaming experience in the game. For regular laptops, their graphics cards are general graphics cards. Game graphics cards and office graphics cards are different in their working principles, and the requirements for graphics cards are also different.

3. Different prices

gaming laptops are more expensive, and Regular Laptops are cheaper.

Extended information about gaming laptop and regular laptop

1. Laptop classification:

According to the size, weight and positioning of notebook computers, notebook computers can generally be divided into six categories: desktop replacement, mainstream, thin and light, ultraportable, tablet and 2-in-1.

2. Game features:

Personalized design

Most laptop products on the market have their own brand style, especially gaming laptops. While promoting individuality, there will be some unforgettable designs, such as domineering appearance, special customized LOGO, colorful keyboard lights, Especially the colorful keyboard has basically become the standard configuration of the game laptop.

1080P full HD screen

The presentation of game image quality requires more high-definition screen presentation details, and FHD screens are basically standard.

DVD drive

Although the optical drive has become obsolete and has gradually moved away from the mainstream of the market, for game books, DVD is still one of the main carriers of legitimate games.

Heat dissipation design and temperature and noise control

High-performance game operation requires high power consumption. Temperature and noise affect the actual game experience. The game should have a relatively abnormal power consumption and temperature control design.


Discrete graphics cards are essential to game performance, and games should be played well. Basically need to configure NV GTX950M or Radeon R9 M375X or above independent display.

Cost-Effective gaming laptop and normal laptop

The question of cost performance depends on personal needs because everyone’s requirements are different. If you usually play games, then obviously the game is a better choice, and it’s more cost-effective. On the contrary, if you rarely play games at regular times, Then normal laptops are more cost-effective, so there is no standard answer to this question, just choose the right one according to your needs.

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