Difference Between Gaming Chair and Office Chair

Speaking of the difference between gaming chair and office chair, in fact, the difference between the two is still very big. After all, for people, chairs are only used in normal times, but gaming chairs are dedicated to games. The advantage of this kind of chair is that it can perfectly fit the human body, can support people’s body to a certain extent, and can completely relax the body.

In this way, there is no need to worry about the physical discomfort caused by sitting in front of the computer for a long time, so that you can enjoy the game without harming your body, and at the same time can play happily. And the styles of gaming chairs are generally cool, such as Andest’s Superman is very cool, and it is ergonomically designed.

In fact, the gaming chair is also a kind of computer chair. The biggest difference between gaming chair and office chair is the fundamental difference in design concept. The office chair is designed for the convenience of people using computers, and the gaming chair goes a step further, it is convenient for people using gaming games. Therefore, compared with office chairs, gaming chairs have a multifunctional design and are more comfortable, and gaming chairs produced by regular factories must be ergonomically designed.

Gaming chair

Gaming chair one copy Generally adapted to electricity attack sub competitive events are so used, the appearance design reference Up the seat of the car, look get up more sporty few, and now there many consumers buy gaming chairs to use at home. The appearance design of gaming chairs is eye-catching, but the ride experience is good for a short time. For a long time, gaming chairs lack ergonomic design, and most gaming chairs are made of PU artificial leather. Material, airtight.

Office chair

Office chairs are now generally called ergonomic chairs. High-end ergonomic chairs are more concise in appearance and more homely. They are not as sporty as gaming chairs. However, the riding experience and ergonomic support of ergonomic chairs are beyond the reach of gaming chairs. Comparable, and almost all ergonomic chairs are mesh or sponge, the high-end is leather, and the comfort is unmatched by gaming chairs.

Difference between gaming chair and office chair

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1. Feature of product

Gaming chair thickened explosion-proof chassis, effectively improving the safety factor. SGS certified four-level pneumatic rod soft PU wrapped racing silent wheels, almost not hurting the floor

2. Design highlights

The desire for victory is unquenchable. On the battlefield, warriors will not hesitate because of morals, nor will they be afraid of death. Wisdom brings exquisite technology to the fullest and is full of passionate wings. For this, the warriors gather for this and bravely climb to the summit of victory. E-sports chair, let you on the chair become the death god on the battlefield, four kills with blood, and a hero. This gaming chair adopts SGS certified four-level air pressure rod, which greatly improves the safety of the chair, so you can kill all quarters in the game without any worries.

3. Material analysis

This gaming chair uses a unique integrated steel frame process, quenching and condensing the all-steel frame, effectively improving the chair life and load-bearing performance. The steel frame, four steel bars, uniform force, sufficient materials, create a strong and stable chair. The thickened sponge cushion, high resilience, refuses to collapse and is weak, and the sitting comfort is doubled.

Players with strong body do not have to worry about the sponge being unused. The multifunctional adjustable armrest adopts the ergonomically designed soft PU wrapped armrest surface, which fits the arm curve, 7-speed adjustment, flexible and changeable to meet different usage scenarios.

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