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Top Most Used Search Engines in 2023

Welcome to the list of the top most used search engines in 2023. And we are surrounded by searches. The search to find the nearest pharmacy, the best product or service among others.

It is very likely that when you hear “search engine” you directly associate this information with Google. The truth is that there are many more search engines and each of them has different functionality.

Top 8 most used search engines in 2023

Surely you are thinking about which search engine will be more influential to position your product or service? We have created a list with the most used search engines in 2023, where you will also know which niche is more potential in each of them:

1. Google

According to Google, searches through Google in the world population are the following:

The percentages by sectors are distributed as follows: 20% are Media; 12% correspond to the Social Network category; 9% to Banking, and Utilities. One pointless represents the retail sector (8%), followed by Email, Marketplace, Search Engines and Torrent (5%). Sectors such as Streaming and Transportation (with 3% each), Public Administration (2%) and telecommunications (1%) close the list.

Google is the number one search engine worldwide due to its artificial intelligence. This is responsible for coding and storing information through valuable content. But is it enough just to create valuable content? The answer is no. The user must know how to put together the skeleton or the structure of his website to please Google, for this he must be aware of the algorithm updates.

We mention some advantages and disadvantages of Google as a search engine:


  • It is the number one search engine thanks to the peculiar operation of its quite advanced algorithms in terms of artificial intelligence.
  • The positioning of images and videos through Google is a plus that currently other engines do not get.
  • It has indexed more than 130,000 million web pages approximately.


  • Google has been judged by the little privacy that users who do a search through this engine can have. Thanks to cookies, information that the company considers important to generate personalized searches is collected.
  • Because it is the number one search engine, there is stubborn competition. So if you want to generate organic traffic, you must plan a good marketing strategy that allows you to climb in the first positions.

2. Bing

The search engine Bing is Microsoft’s proposal that is in competition with Google. This search engine is ideal for niches such as currency conversion, flight tracking, translation, and health.

Being a proposal created by Microsoft, this engine is integrated into all Windows computers. The way this search engine operates is by creating a union of the sum of the parts.

If the user, for example, searches for a musical artist, not only will this musical artist appear, but also data such as his last musical tour, last published album, biography among others will appear.

Some advantages of positioning through Bing are the following:

  • Unlike Google, Bing doesn’t track your content. So if you feel insecure searching for content through Google, this browser could be your best option.
  • Positioning through interaction. If your website gets enough ratings and comments, it will appear in the top positions.
  • Bing indexes the videos in the form of a trailer so you can observe the first thirty seconds to find out what the video is about.
  • It is responsible for better indexing social networks. Specifically Twitter and Facebook.


  • This engine is much slower than Google and for this reason it still cannot beat the king of positioning.
  • Despite its many advantages, videos that are primarily indexed on the YouTube platform do not appear in the top positions.

3. Yahoo

It was founded in 1995. In its beginnings, the Yahoo search engine had real people who indexed and organized content.

Everything indicated that Yahoo would become the number one search engine. The truth is that they focused more on creating paid advertising ads and neglected the internal part of their use for a long time.

However Yahoo is still the third most used search engine. It’s potential for niches like video games, news, and online shopping.

We mention some advantages and disadvantages of using this browser:


  • It came to be scoped because it was a fast caching search engine, HTML among others.
  • Yahoo searches can be personalized.


  • It has gotten very slow and is losing its audience by leaps and bounds. Which can be really worrisome.
  • If you have to use more than one search it tends to hang.

4. Baidu

Among the most used search engines in 2023, Baidu could not be absent. It was created by Robin Lee and Eric Xu. China represents the second largest economy in the world, so relations between China and Europe are the order of the day.

Baidú is ideal for finding mp3 music formats. So it is very common that it is used in the music industry and everything related to k-pop.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Baidu to position a product or service:


  • In parallel with Google, Baidu positions images and videos very well. Much more music since for China it is completely legal to index music in the search engine.
  • You also like the nutritional and value content. So if yours is created in this way you will easily have a good SEO positioning.


  • Language. If you do not have knowledge of Mandarin, it will be difficult for you to position yourself in this search engine. Although not all is bad news, if your web design is designed to be translated into multiple languages, all is not lost.
  • Government censorship has another downside. Not all content can be shown in China. For this reason you must be sufficiently connected with the Ministry of Industries and information technology.

5. Ask

It was the first question and answer browser indexed on the web in the English language. The question and answer portal is available for much of the world territory. Among them we can mention: Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

This search engine works separately. So if you only want to attach a search for images, videos or news, these will be searched separately.

The way to position yourself in this browser is through information. So if, for example, you are a freelance professional and you begin to answer questions of great relevance, you will create an audience loyal to you that will sooner or later begin to require your services.


  • The search engine is relatively simple, someone asks a question and another user answers it. Similar to the current question and answer platform Quora.
  • You can search for questions and answers in relation to a keyword.
  • There are millions of questions and answers that you can get in relation to any category.


  • Despite the fact that it has millions of followers, there is still ignorance of this search engine. You will have to do an exhaustive study to know if your target audience is browsing Ask.
  • It is a question and answer site but from an untruthful and professional approach. That is, you can find answers that are not entirely true but that many users agree.
  • The platform is only available in English. So if you are going to use it to position yourself, make sure your target audience handles the language.

6. DuckDuckGo

This is a private browser that is available for both Android and IOS devices. Users who decide to implement this search engine are in favor of security.

It represented 0.47% of searches in January approximately. This search engine is responsible for choosing about 400 thousand simultaneous searches in search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! The trick to keeping this private browser safe is that it works with affiliate marketing.

So it will not be a secret that although your searches are not tracked you will find advertising everywhere. Although Gabriel Weinberg in the magazine the information indicates that “You can make money protecting privacy.”

Let’s see what the advantages and disadvantages of starting to position in this browser are about.


  • It does not save searches in the browser history.
  • Their privacy policies to date have been unshakable. So if your principles are rooted in privacy, this is the browser you need to promote your products and services.


  • If you are not in favor of seeing advertising, this browser may not be recommended for you.
  • If you want to start fast positioning, this might not be the browser you need to use in the first place.

7. Amazon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has employed strategies that position Amazon as the e-commerce giant. But why is it on the list of the most used search engines in 2023?

We describe what it is about:

Although Amazon bets on privacy in its electronic commerce, protecting the privacy of users transaction after transaction, the American company keeps the data provided.

This is a plus in favor of the company, since they know which products are sold the most and for this reason, more strategies must be found to position them.

Sounds like an attractive proposition, right? Even the products and services on Amazon rank well for Google because they meet its criteria.

What are some of these criteria?

  • Description of the categories: Product SEO bingo! Many small and large companies make the huge mistake of not describing their products. So when a user does a search such as “Yellow Nike shoes” Amazon appears first in the list, even above the Nike store. Nothing more with the simple fact of describing your products and services.
  • ALT tag: Recommended images should be 1000 megapixels wide and surrounded by a relatively neutral background. This photograph should be named after the keyword that we want to rank for. We could follow the same example as above: yellow-nike-shoes.
  • Ratings: 80% of consumers do research on ratings and comments before making a purchase. Amazon is responsible for fostering the space for reviews. Thus, the customer can describe how he felt in the purchase process and also how the product was when it arrived at his hands.
  • Comfortable and in some cases free shipping: Amazon stands out for taking products that are bought from its page quickly.
  • The customer is always right: This motto prevails at Amazon. So if the customer is not satisfied with the product he bought, he can request a refund of his money.

The current niches that are potential to sell on this fast-positioning platform are vegan-sourced products, pet food, green items, mental wellness, and technology.

8. YouTube

This platform is the second Google search engine. 79% of Internet users have a YouTube account. The most profitable niches for YouTube are video games, technology and entertainment. How not to add it to the list of the most used search engines in 2023.

However, this does not mean that you cannot take risks and promote other products and services. YouTube, in addition to positioning your videos very well for the Google search engine, allows you to get in touch with the potential buyer through the videos.

Continuously creating videos that explain the quality of your product or service from scratch is undoubtedly much more convincing than looking at it statically on a web page.

The ideal is to find consumer niches and generate content based on that need. And it is that 60% of users watch content from their favorite channels year after year.

Now we go with the two sides of the platform coin:


  • The platform connects with millions of users worldwide due to its integrated translator. The videos can be watched and understood by native users of languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, French, among others.
  • You create a solid community based on your content. So if you develop a value proposition, you will have loyal fans capable of backing up your content tooth and nail.
  • You do not have a limit to add videos. So you should not worry about the amount or durability you want to have on this platform.


  • If your content generates controversy, you will hardly be able to hide or eliminate it through comments. So if you are susceptible do not play in the field of YouTube and its subscribers. Also if you receive a lot of negative comments your video may be blocked.
  • The videos cannot be blocked so they are exposed to any type of public: children, adolescents, among others.
  • Videos can alter the actual events of an event. So the users of this platform may get carried away by situations that are not 100% reliable, real among others.
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