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Top Insurance Companies in Thailand

1. Thai Insurance

This Insurance company was established with the initiative from the grandmother of the King of Thailand and is the best insurance companies in Thailand.

The reason for setting up an Insurance company in Thailand was to uplift the living standard of people in Thailand with poor economic conditions.

The main aim of this insurance company in Bangkok is to benefit the nation and people by keeping the money circulated via this company.

The current location of this company is at Thai Insurance Building, No. 34/3 Soi Lang Suan, Ploenchit Road, Pathumwan District, Bangkok. By now, this company has 13 branches spread over the different districts in Thailand.

The company offers the insurances as Vehicle insurance, Mortgage insurance, Personal Accident insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Work insurance.

2. Bangkok Union Insurance Public Co. Ltd.

This Insurance company was the first and top insurance companies in Thailand. Initially starting with the registered capital of 400,000 baht, the current capital of the company is over 300 million baht.

The company came into business under the name of Hua Chook Linh Hakaki Company Limited and has been in the insurance business for over 83 years.

This insurance company is the first company to offer non-life insurance in Bangkok. It provides services like Fire Insurance, Car Insurance, Marine and Transportation Insurance, Miscellaneous Insurance and Business Insurance in Thailand.

Besides non-life insurance, It also provides services of Life insurance, Health Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.

3. AXA Insurance Thailand

Also known as AXA Thailand, this company is a member of the AXA Group and the majority of the shares of AXA Thailand is also held by AXA Group.

This insurance company is an international company based in Thailand providing insurance services to the people and companies in Thailand.

The headquarters of AXA Thailand is located in Bangkok and this company has 19 branches spread over many districts in Thailand.

Being one of the best insurance companies in Thailand, The company offers individual insurance.

Such as Travel insurance, Car Insurance, Home and Condo Insurance, Health insurance, Accident Insurance and company insurance such as Smart Plan SMEs, Group Health Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance and Trade Credit Insurance.

4. The south east insurance company limited

The main motive followed by this insurance company is “… Insurance business by South East companies must be a business that generates only legitimate profits.” which has made it one of the top insurance companies in Thailand.

This company began to operate with government’s permission on 9 July 1946 with the registered capital of 1 million baht.

This insurance company offers various services in Thailand such as Car insurance, Motorcycle insurance, Health insurance, Personal Accident insurance, Cancer insurance, All in one travel Insurance, Fire Insurance and Insurance for Golfers.

In order to reach out with services to every people in thailand, the insurance company has already registered 75 branches all over in Thailand.

5. Advance Life Assurance Public Company Limited

This insurance company is one of the leading insurance companies in Thailand.The insurance company showed a turnover of 150 million in 2019.

The major shareholders of this insurance company are Sun Hua Seng International Company Limited, MLC Limited and Tung Charoen Company Limited.

The services offered by this company includes life insurance products and mutual funds products.

The life insurance products comprises of Health insurance, Life insurance and Accident insurance.

 Whereas the mutual funds products include Long Term Equity Fund (LTF), Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF), Equity Fund, Fixed Income Fund, Mixed Funds, Foreign Investment Funds and Mutual funds for commodities such as oil, gold, etc.

6. Thaisri Insurance Public Company Limited

Thaisri Insurance Public Limited is one of the leading insurance companies in Thailand. The company has more than 66 years of working experience in the business.

With this confidence, the company boasts to meet and understand the needs of people in Thailand.

The various types of insurance offered by Thaisri are Car insurance, Home insurance, Accident insurance, Travel insurance, Health insurance, Insurance for bike sports persons and Insurance for golfers.

Apart from these services, the company also provides business insurance including Marine insurance and Trade-debt insurance. The company earned a turnover of 2.4 billion baht in the year 2018. This company has 75 branches spread over the districts in Thailand.

7. Thaivivat Insurance

With the slogan of “Caring is Giving”, Thaivivat Insurance company is an insurance company in Thailand which has expanded its services and features by making its insurance available to buy online.

The vision of this company is to provide the best insurance coverage for all the people in Thailand. The company also wants to establish itself as the most trusted company in all over Thailand.

The company that began with only fire insurance and marine insurance services has now expanded its features into various sectors.

The services offered in this insurance company are Motor insurance, Health insurance, Accident insurance, Travel insurance, Business insurance, Cargo insurance, Property insurance and Theft insurance.

8. Paiboon Insurance

Thai paiboon is a successfully established insurance company in Bangkok that has been providing its services to the peoples for more than 80 years by far.

The registered capital of this company by the september of 2019 was registered to be 1.7 billion baht. The company is able to win the trust of people in Thailand because of stability Integrity, fairness, transparency, in accordance with good corporate governance in the company.

The various types of insurance available in this insurance company are Life insurance, Health insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Car Insurance, Automotive insurance, Golfers insurance, Property insurance and Army personnel welfare insurance.

9. Deves Insurance

The Deves Insurance company is one of the best insurance companies in Thailand. This company has experience of more than 70 years in the insurance business.

The company believes in working to provide better services for their customers ensuring their economic support in hard times.

The company also provides online services to its customers with 24 hr customer support. The company provides Personal Insurance, Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Home and Property Insurance.

10. Thai Reinsurance Public Company Limited

With more than 30 years of experience in the insurance business, ThaiRe is one of the top insurance companies in Thailand. The company has 5.4 billion baht in shareholders equity at present.

The main reasons behind the success of the company is due to its services that are customer centric and respect shareholder’s value. The insurance services provided by the company are both life insurance related and non-life insurance related.

The types of insurance provided by the company are Personal insurance, Health insurance, Accident Insurance, Travel Insurance, Marine insurance, Car Insurance, Property insurance and Business insurance.

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