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Best Wool Shop in Melbourne, Australia

Are you looking best wool shop in Melbourne? Do you want to do something different as a hobby and learn to knit? Do you know what materials are needed to weave? Do you want to visit wool shops near you?

Wool is an animal fiber that is obtained from certain types of goat animals, such as sheep or camelids, among which are the llama, and the alpaca. This wool is obtained through a process called shearing. This fiber is used in the textile industry as a raw material when garments of various types have to be made.

As mentioned before, wool is obtained from the skin of living animals, who produce it to keep warm and preserve body heat. Said animals produce them in their follicles, which are internal structures of the skin that are inside their dermis. Depending on the animal and its life cycle, its wool is created in specific stages, causing it to vary in its properties.

The process to use wool as a textile material has been carried out by people since the Neolithic period, when the work of agriculture and domestication of animals began. Of course, it was more complicated back then because the animals did not have the necessary characteristics for the production of wool, their hair was short and coarse.

The solution was a selection process for sheep and other animals specially cared for their wool, which introduced the sheep from Asia to the Middle East and from there to Europe and America. From that moment, the growth of the use of this material has increased as time has passed.

Let’s go there!

Best wool shop in Melbourne

1. Woolarium

This store dedicated to the sale of wool and other accessories where you can find what you need is located in the Northcote area. Its founder Anna Hooper is a very nice person, and in her store, there are several workshops and events for those who are interested in learning.

Contact information:

Address: 265 High St, Northcote VIC 3070, Australia


Number: 03 9486 5275


2. Wool Baa

Located in the Port Melbourne area, this is one of the wool stores that has the complete collection of Drops wool, as well as other very good brands. In addition, they do workshops and classes for those who are interested. Drops yarns can be purchased both in their physical store and in their online store.

Contact information:

Address: 350 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

Number: +61 3 9645 1477



3. Wondoflex Yarn Craft Centre

Wondoflex Yarn Craft Centre is one of the best wool shop in Melbourne. Behind this brand is Alfonso, who is in charge of selling fabrics, balls of yarn and other materials for lifelong tasks and organizing workshops to learn different techniques. It should be noted that their yarns are vegan.

Contact information:

Address: 1353 Malvern Rd, Malvern VIC 3144, Australia

Number: +61 3 9822 6231


4. Morris & Sons

They modify the concept of an urban spa and specialize even more in all those treatments

In this store, they are interested in their customers being comfortable and having the best time possible. They care about caring for the environment but sell the best fabrics and wool because they hope to be part of their customers’ lives. They work every day except Sunday.

Contact information:

Address: 1/234 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Number: +61 3 9654 0888


5. Sunspun

This store located in the Canterbury, has 2 spaces, in one of them you can find all kinds of yarns and a lot of knitting accessories, as well as a very cozy little corner where they hold workshops and knitting gatherings. You can learn to weave or perfect what you already know, you can even teach us new techniques.

Contact information:

Address: 185 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury VIC 3126, Australia

Number: +61 3 9830 1609


What are the uses of wool?

The most common uses of wool are textiles. It is more than anything to make pieces of clothing to keep warm from the cold, such as gloves, scarves, sweaters, among other garments, as well as blankets, bedspreads and rugs. It is also used for stuffing pillows, seats and upholstery.

But another use that wool can have is as insulation in pianos, heavy machinery, or as an absorbent of odors and sounds.

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