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The Alan Hamel Net Worth is $100 million. Alan Hamel is entertainer, producer, and also television host. June 30, 1936, he was born in Toronto, Canada and he is 87 years old.

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Alan Hamel Wiki

Name:Alan Hamel
Net Worth:$100 Million
Age:87 Years old
Date of Birth:June 30, 1936
Birth Place:Toronto, Canada
Height: 6 feet 0 inche
Weight:68 kg
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Blue
College/University:Ryerson Institute of Technology.
Profession:Entertainer, producer, and television host
Wife:Suzanne Somers ​(m. 1977; died 2023)​
Marilyn Shapiro ​(m. 1958; div. 1971)​
Marriage Status:Widower
Birthday:June 30th
Stepson(Bruce Somers Jr)
Zodiac sign:Cancer

Alan Hamel Bio

Alan Hamel, a talented Canadian entertainer, producer, and television host, was born on June 30, 1936, in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada. Although he didn’t graduate, he pursued his passion for television arts at the Ryerson Institute of Technology in 1954. From his first marriage to Marilyn Hamel, Alan has two wonderful children named Stephen and Leslie. Later on, he found love again and married the lovely actress and author Suzanne Somers, who happened to be ten years younger than him. As a stepfather, Alan embraced Suzanne’s son from her previous marriage, Bruce Somers, Jr., and they formed a loving family. you may also like Lance Reddick Bio

Alan Hamel Net Worth

He’s got a net worth of a whopping $100 million! But that’s not all, his lovely wife Suzanne Somers also adds to their combined wealth. Alan and Suzanne were actually married for over 40 incredible years until Suzanne sadly passed away in October 2023. Before Alan came into the picture, Suzanne had a previous marriage to Bruce Somers and they even had a son named Bruce Jr. Unfortunately, they divorced back in 1968.

Pinpointing his exact salary might be a bit tricky, but let me tell you, he made some serious money as a host and producer in the entertainment industry. In fact, he’s considered one of the richest game show hosts in Canada! With a net worth of $100 million, you can see why he’s such a big deal. Don’t just take my word for it, even Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider agree on this!

Alan Hamel Age, Height, Weight

Alan Hamel was born on June 30, 1936 in Toronto, Canada and he is 87 years old, as of 2023. He is 1.82 meters tall, or 6 feet 0 inche. However, his weight is 68 kg and zodiac sign is Cancer.

Alan Hamel Wife

Alan Hamel Wife

Alan Hamel, a well-known figure, is married to Suzanne Somers, a renowned American actress and entrepreneur. Their enduring marriage has spanned over 40 years. Recently, Alan penned a heartfelt love letter to Suzanne just before her passing in October 2023. Notably, they share a blended family with Alan having two biological children, Stephen and Leslie, from his previous marriage to Marilyn Hamel, and he’s also the devoted stepfather to Suzanne’s son, Bruce Somers Jr.

Alan Hamel children’s

Alan Hamel is a proud dad to two awesome kids, Stephen and Leslie. They’re his biological children from his first marriage to Marilyn Hamel. He’s also a loving stepfather to Suzanne Somers’ son, Bruce Somers Jr. Isn’t that sweet?

Alan Hamel’s Career

Alan Hamel co-hosted the super fun Canadian children’s TV series “Razzle Dazzle” from 1961 to 1964? It was such a blast, especially with the talking turtle named Howard!

Alan also hosted two awesome syndicated game shows called “Wedding Party” in 1968 and “Anniversary Game” in 1969. It was during these shows that he first met Suzanne Somers, who he later married in 1977.

In the late 1970s, Alan became the host of “The Alan Hamel Show,” a super popular daytime talk show on CTV. He was so good at it that People magazine even crowned him as “Canada’s leading TV talk show host.

He also tried his hand at hosting the “People” television series on CBS for a few months in 1978, although it didn’t quite work out as planned.

After his hosting days, Alan became a commercial pitchman for American Stores, promoting Alpha Beta stores in the western U.S. and Acme Markets in the northeastern U.S. He was quite the salesman!

Alan also ventured into producing, often teaming up with his talented wife, Suzanne Somers. They made quite the power couple in the entertainment industry.

And every now and then, Alan would even dabble in acting, making appearances on Suzanne Somers’ shows. Talk about a supportive husband!

All in all, Alan Hamel has had quite the career, from entertaining kids on TV to becoming a successful host, pitchman, producer, and occasional actor. He’s definitely a jack of all trades!

FAQ of Alan Hamel

What is Alan Hamel’s net worth?

Alan Hamel’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million.

When was Alan Hamel born?

Alan Hamel was born on June 30, 1936.

What is Alan Hamel’s profession?

Alan Hamel is an entertainer, producer, and television host.

Can you provide information about Alan Hamel’s marital status?

Alan Hamel is a widower. His first wife was Marilyn Shapiro (married in 1958, divorced in 1971), and his second wife was Suzanne Somers (married in 1977 until her death in 2023).

How many children does Alan Hamel have?

Alan Hamel has three children: Stephen, Leslie, and a stepson, Bruce Somers Jr.


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