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Top 10 Most Beautiful Ports in Europe

The United States and Europe but also from the point of view of many places, it is worth a glance, here it has beautiful islands and the characteristics of the city, a lot of time you can choose to board a cruise ship travel tours, beautiful ports in Europe.

10 Most Beautiful Ports in Europe

1. Venice

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Venice is located in northeastern Italy. It is a world-famous water town and a historical and cultural city in Italy. Standing on the deck, you can see luxurious mansions scattered far and near; or driving into the narrow canal to explore the ancient times; along the Guidecca Canal, you can get a closer look at St. Mark’s Square. this is one of the best beautiful ports in Europe

2. Stockholm

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Stockholm, one among the foremost vibrant cities in Scandinavia, spans 14 islands and enjoys the reputation of “the Venice of the North”. Ships depart from the Baltic and only undergo the long and narrow Swedish archipelago to succeed in Stockholm. The entire route is 60 kilometers long and passes through 24,000 islands. There are endless mountains and mountain huts. Standing on the deck, holding a cup of hot cocoa, blowing the sea breeze, and enjoying the sea view, it was so pleasant.

3. Santorini

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3500 years ago, a volcano erupted in Greece and magma precipitated to form Santorini. The white farmhouse sits on the edge of the cliff overlooking the blue crater. Whether it is from a distance or overlooking, Santorini is still beautiful. Santorini is much more beautiful ports in Europe

4. Naples

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Naples is a must pass for many Mediterranean routes. The city of Naples is beautiful, but the bay scenery of the Gulf of Naples is even better. After disembarking, tourists generally rush to scenic spots such as the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii. However, Naples is also worth seeing. It is a fanatical city where many cultures intersect. Try the famous local pizza and you will surely get a different surprise.

5. Malta

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Malta features a history of quite 7,000 years. Sailing into the port of Valletta is like entering another era. The blue sea, sparkling, ancient buildings, melodious ancient charm, and the scenery outside the city, reveal a little desolate. Malta is amazing beautiful ports in Europe

6. Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik is located on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, surrounded by mountains and the sea, with beautiful scenery. Looking at this ancient city closer, the scenery is better. This beautiful city that emerged during the Venetian Empire will bring back your memories of Venice. Here, the building is well-preserved, and the marble path twists and turns, winding forward.

7. Flam, Norway

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Along the Sognefjord, you can reach the small town of Flåm. The small town is backed by mountains and adjacent to the bay. The location is excellent. The small houses dotted around are colorful and picturesque. The most worth seeing is the famous railway in the town, winding through the mountains, with cliffs on both sides, rapid waterfalls, and the scenery is very charming.

8. Barcelona

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Barcelona is located in Spain, backed by desolate mountains and adjacent to the sea. It is the most famous port in the Mediterranean. The beach stretches, the city is prosperous, the Gothic architecture is unique, and the skyscrapers are one after another.

9. Portofino

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Portofino is located in Italy, backed by mountains and dense greenery, facing the vast blue waves of the sea, it is a famous tourist seaport town. The town is like a palette, combining ancient and modern, with great flavor.

10. Istanbul

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When the cruise ship sails into Istanbul’s Golden Horn, man-made landscapes such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace will instantly catch your eye, and there is no time to savor the natural scenery.

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