Yeah Mad Cast: Bio, Age and More

Ben McCarthy launched Yeah Mad, sometimes referred to as YeahMadTV, an Australian entertainment media firm, in March 2023. The company’s specialty is posting humorous content that is enjoyable on a variety of social media platforms.

The channel went from having no viewers to having over a million YouTube subscribers in less than six months. Abby Boom, Sammy Walsh, Andrew Hamilton, Akila, Matty Penglase, Sath, and Alan Fang are the seven members of the cast. They produce humorous television shows like Charades and Dad Jokes, among others.

Yeah Mad Cast

Abby Boom

Sydney-born comedian, YouTuber, and media personality Abby Boom was born on October 24, 1997, as Abigail Rose Boom. She gained notoriety on the well-known YouTube channel Yeah Mad for her comedic material and dad jokes. With the “Dad Jokes” series, Abby is a key player in making audiences laugh and smile. Her distinct charisma and captivating demeanor lend a special touch to every episode. Yeah Mad, Abby’s YouTube channel, has more than 2 million subscribers. In February 2023, she celebrated “Queermas” and stands for the LGBTQ+ community.

Sammy Walsh

Born on April 13, 1991, Sammy Walsh is an Australian internet celebrity. She is well-known from the Yeah Mad YouTube channel, which has millions of fans on several social media sites. Sammy, who was reared in Australia’s New South Wales, is the eldest of three children; his siblings are Sarah and Jack.

She worked in a variety of capacities following the completion of her graduate studies before quitting her corporate position in June 2023. After thereafter, she became a member of the YeahMadTV crew, and since then, she has made appearances in over 10 videos for various shows. She has appeared in TV shows like Charades, Reddit Reacts, and Dad Jokes.

Andrew Hamilton

Born on April 13, 1986, Andrew Hamilton performs stand-up comedy and was a regular cast member of the Yeah Mad YouTube channel. He was one of five children raised in Hornsby, Sydney, and had a typical middle-class childhood. Following his time in a private school and university, Andrew’s life took a drastic turn when he was found guilty of distributing a commercial quantity of LSD and mushrooms. In 2021, he completed his prison term.

He chose to pursue stand-up comedy after being released from prison, finding humor in his experiences there. He had great success with his performances at open mic evenings around New South Wales. Andrew became a member of the Yeah Mad cast and made appearances in a number of shows, including The Roast, Reddit Reacts, Fact or Fiction, Dad Jokes, and Charades. His distinct background and comic flair have added to the Yeah Mad channel’s appeal.


One of the main players on the Yeah Mad YouTube channel is Akila Amaratunga. In addition, he works in the corporate world; at One Day Entertainment, he coordinates marketing and content. At the University of New South Wales, Akila earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a marketing emphasis.

He has a sizable Instagram following and frequently appears on Yeah Mad episodes as a diverse online personality. His involvement in shows like Reddit Reacts, Fact or Fiction, Dad Jokes, Charades, and The Roast is one of his contributions to the channel.

Matty Penglase

Australian-born Matty Penglase is a frequent cast member of Yeah Mad, a.k.a. YeahMadTV, an entertainment media firm. His amazing dad jokes are one of his greatest charms. Matty keeps a low profile and hasn’t disclosed many details about his upbringing or family despite his fame. His sense of humor is a major asset to Yeah Mad’s popularity, as the platform has quickly amassed a sizable following on a number of social media sites.


Sath Nadesan is a stand-up comedian from Sydney who works as a full-time cast member for Yeah Mad, an Australian entertainment media company. He embarked on a life-changing spiritual quest in Sri Lanka and came back to incorporate what he had learned into his humor.

Sath began working with Yeah Mad TV in 2023, bringing his distinct sense of humor to the team’s amusing productions. Sath keeps a modest profile and hasn’t spoken a much about his upbringing or family despite his fame.

Alan Fang

Writer, director, and comedian Alan Fang is connected to Yeah Mad, an Australian entertainment media firm. Using his diploma in Screen Media and Film, he infuses the platform with a creative touch. Thanks to Alan’s distinctive contributions, Yeah Mad has amassed a sizable fan base across a number of social media channels. Alan keeps a low profile and hasn’t disclosed many details about his upbringing or family despite his fame. His ability to make comic films and direct them greatly add to Yeah Mad’s success.

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