What is Holistic Marketing and Why is it the Best Strategy?

Today we will talk about holistic marketing.

And it is in a changing and unstable world with various economic, ecological and social problems. What footprint can your product or service make to the world? This is what marketing 4.0 is all about, so companies that use this model are responsible for stating that they are part of the solution and not the problem.

What is holistic marketing?

What is holistic marketing
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Holistic marketing is the integration of the sum of the parts as a whole. So the exploration, creation and value proposition come together to elaborate the management. This term was coined by Philip Kotler, a marketing specialist.

For this specialist, knowing the client is much more important than finding a person interested in your product or service.

Companies that decide to use this type of marketing plan all their activities in a unified way based on a single objective.

And what is the main objective? That your consumer has a unified idea of ​​your product or service so that they can buy it and choose the one from the competition.

Holistic marketing has 4 pillars or fundamental principles:

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing has a magic formula that is composed of: product> price> place-sales channel> promotion.

So it does not matter if you decide to work with traditional marketing: Radio, television and the sale of a product or service in a physical way. Or through digital marketing: inbound marketing, e-mail marketing and social networks.

The important thing about this strategy is that the message transmitted by each of the channels must be unified and convey the same brand value.

Which of these elements will you use and which route will best capture their attention? This you must find out with the analysis of your target audience.

An example of integrated marketing is from the potential Apple brand. A minimalist brand that at first glance does not have any “trick” to be recorded in the mind of the consumer.

Their products come wrapped in white boxes, the name of the brand and the essential text. When you enter one of its stores, you see a minimalist design with products that are intuitively displayed.

With all this simple strategy but with an impact on the consumer, Apple manages to position its products and charge much higher than its competition.

Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing refers to all the attitudes that make up the members of the company or organization. What is the sales communication tone? Is it an assertive team in complex moments? What are the values ​​that predominate in your company?

In this case, customer satisfaction is of vital importance, and it is something that your employees should know to the letter.

Also make the client feel like part of the company and the growth obtained. Some of the employment strategies in relationship marketing are as follows:

  • Loyalty plans and bonuses.
  • A professional customer service.
  • Send surveys on the validation or levels of purchase satisfaction.
  • Send personalized emails with special dates for the company.

In this way, you show the client what benefits the acquisition of the product or service has and how it would transform their life.

Performance marketing

Performance marketing
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Performance marketing is the answer to the strategies employed.

Are they giving the results you expect?

This is done through the analysis of the metrics by the target audience. Within them, various processes are immersed, such as:

  • The ROI.
  • Relationship between product and quality.
  • Ethical, legal, social and environmental repercussions.
  • Consumer satisfaction level.

Internal marketing

In this type of marketing, the necessary internal conditions are offered to motivate the worker and raise his feeling of belonging to the company. And it is that, if an employee is totally satisfied, the greater the motivation will be to execute this common objective.

There are millions of reasons to use this type of marketing but we will mention some of them below:

  • Increase in potential talents within your company.
  • Better internal communication.
  • Increase in sales.
  • A team aligned with the values of the company.
  • The synergy between employees and the organization.

And it is that the collaborators of the project in holistic marketing are called internal buyers. They know the product or service in-depth.

Why use holistic marketing?

This marketing model is the one that is creating the most impact on users due to the main objective that is to provide value.

For this reason, in the digital age in which we live, it is necessary to create products and services that generate impact on the consumer, conscious and unconscious emotions, be responsible with the environment and have a fair deal with its suppliers.

It is very likely that the user has already researched the product or service and has a purchase decision before accessing your website.

So holistic marketing is not only responsible for creating a real closeness between the consumer and the product, but it is also responsible for creating effective solutions by the interns in the company.

Advantages of holistic marketing

In this section, we will only mention advantages, because there is no disadvantage to implementing a value-based strategy. What can be taken as a disadvantage is that you must take risks in investments.

We mention some benefits or advantages below:

Integration of all parties

Integration of all parties

One of the fundamental objectives of this type of marketing is that all the departments of the company work together to optimize results and improve the quality of work.

So if, for example, the leader wants to increase the cost of the product or service, he will communicate with the other departments and they will discuss together if it is a feasible solution and if it will have the results he expects from his consumer.

Lets discover new opportunities

Through continuous analysis of the target audience, their personality, sharing and consumption rituals, there is a high probability that you can find another highly potential target audience with which to start new businesses.

Increase sales

By focusing on the exhaustive study of a personality, you understand in depth what happens in their day to day and what they need. By creating and managing segmented messages there is a high probability of increasing sales.

Since if you launch a product to the general public, it will take you more investment, time, effort, physical and mental wear.

They have a more human sense

This marketing, also known as 360 °, places the sales framework in satisfying the real needs of individuals. So don’t develop persuasion strategies that lure you into buying a product or a service that you don’t need.

Companies that use holistic marketing decide to create quality products and services, which provide not only immediate satisfaction but also bring benefits to their day to day.

Conclusions about holistic marketing

This type of marketing seeks to satisfy the internal needs of the client, like any element of marketing. With one fundamental difference, cognition will be used to meet your motivational demands.

By focusing on one type of customer you also make them feel special, as you continually study their needs and how to meet them.

“In the union is strength” and it is that not only satisfies the needs of the consumer but also creates a synergy between the employees of a company who have this same objective in common.

And you? Would you use this strategy for your business?

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