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9 Things The Super Mario Bros Movie

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Along with well-known songs from the 1980s, the movie contains fantastic original music that go well with the characters and evoke nostalgia in fans who grew up playing the original games.

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Movie allowed the characters to develop and change from their video game origins, which helps to appeal to both new and old fans.

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The movie includes many Easter Eggs that long-time fans of the games will recognize, while still referencing other games that non-Mario fans could still understand.

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The updated animation techniques used in the movie appeal to new fans of the franchise while still providing a fresh take for long-time fans.

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Bowser's character in the movie stays true to his original video game character, unlike previous adaptations.

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The script doesn't rely on overused catchphrases from the video games and allows Mario to be seen as a serious character.

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The villain, Bowser, stays true to his character and is not forced to be sympathetic, unlike other video game movie adaptations.

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With a potential sequel already being considered, the movie has raised the standard for video game to cinema adaptations.

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