Major Consumer Trends in 2022


Transparency as a requirement

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Another of the consumer trends 2022 is transparency and it is precisely there that the new generations are involved and especially generation Z which really wants to consume transparent brands.


Generation Z

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Generation Z will undoubtedly be a consumer trend in 2022 and beyond, as they will begin to make up and dominate the bulk of global consumption.


What remains of teleconsumption

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One of the great changes of the current pandemic was produced by the great digitization that occurred


The spring effect of the pandemic

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It is still too early to claim victory in the face of the pandemic and consider it over.


Health and concern yourself due to the pandemic

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Without a doubt, the pandemic has made us aware of taking care of ourselves, therefore, 2022 is a year of consumers quite interested in self-care.


Clean energies for a better planet

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This will be a trend that will probably last for many decades as it is based on the great natural effects caused by climate change.


Taking care of my environment with sustainable products

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Big brands like Adidas have already launched ranges of footwear made with recycled fabrics and natural materials.