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Top 20 Insurance Companies in UK

Top insurance companies in UK industry is the biggest in Europe and the world’s fourth-largest. As a major exporter of insurance, the UK insurer was also a world leader. Insurance is divided into different groups in the UK, particularly long term insurance.

Insurance companies in United Kingdom are categorised in the industry under the Income and Corporation Tax for each form of company with a different tax status is currently set out.

The Financial Services Agency was the Financial Protection and Prudential Regulation Authority were instead placed in charge of Financial Regulation.

The implementation of risk management is another very significant aspect of insurance. Insurance plans offer opportunities for adopting a risk prevention system regardless of regulatory provisions and rewards for premium savings.


AXA is an independently operated company.  It is the best insurance company in UK that belong to the business community. You can operate with this insurance to know legislation and regulations  AXA group mainly operates in your country inside Europe. You can get life insurance through this insurance company.

Office Address: 5 Old Broad Street London EC2N 1AD

Contact Number: +44 29 2035 5881

2. AIG

AIG is the largest public company in the world. The headquarters of AIG is based in New York City, and AIG insurance has branches throughout the world so, clients can get services easily.

It is a workplace that compromise life, pensions and financial sector. The company is based in three main enterprises: General Insurance, Life and Pension and an independent technical division.

Office Address: 58 Fenchurch St, London EC3M 4AB

Contact Number: +44 20 7964 0500

3. Age Co

The Age Co maintain financial securities. The Age Co is a top insurance company in UK, the support they provide will be delivered by friendly people who are willing to spend time with them and provide all the assistance they need to make their transaction secure and confident.

This insurance also includes a distinct and interdependent charitable organization in the UK, including Age England, Age Cymru, Age NI, Age UK Industries and Age International, branch of the commercial service.

Office Address:  7th Floor, Tavis House, 1-6 Tavistock Square, London

Contact Number: +44 80 0678 1602

4. Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich Insurance is a multinational company which has three major sectors: general insurer, global life insurer and agriculture producer.

This insurance optimizes processes and experiment using new tools to help workers to get opportunities and overcome challenges more quickly. Zurich Insurance Group continues to explore to build more companies together.

Office Address: 70 Mark Ln, London EC3R 7NQ

Contact Number: +44 20 7648 3200

5. Allianz

Policy and wealth servicing are Allianz main companies. According to a cumulative calculation, Allianz is the world’s largest insurance companies in UK.

Allianz was the first German blue-chip corporation to alter its corporate type and thus to underline its globalization policy. Allianz recognizes that well-working insurance markets are important for the European Union’s–and Allianz’s–economy to grow effectively and rapidly.

Office Address: 60 Gracechurch Street London EC3V 0HR

Contact Number: +44 20 3451 3000

6. Aviva UK

Aviva is one of the largest provider and the pioneer in life and pension insurance. In addition, it operates on the Western, African and development markets in China and South-East Asia.

Aviva Life Insurance company aims at providing customized solutions and quality products, which ensure significant growth over the years.

Office Address: St Helen’s 1 Undershaft London EC3P 3DQ

Contact Number: +44 20 7283 2000

7. RSA Group

The RSA Insurance Group is a major international general insurance corporation with its offices in the UK. This insurance product and services are supplied through its network partners. RSA insurance company in UK is listed in the London Bourse.

Office Address: 20 Fenchurch St, London EC3M 3AU

Contact Number: +44 14 0323 2323

8. BigBlue Cover

The online reservations program of BigBlue cover is easy and safe. If you want to negotiate your needs with anyone, they are ready to call you to our UK call centre policy specialists. is eager to provide you with the right level of care at the right rate so they regularly monitor our plans and rates and make sure that they provide you with the highest.

The insurance companies in UK  plans provided broad coverage at limited premiums, enabling you to assess your degree and expenditure coverage.

Office Address: Regus House, Falcon Dr, Cardiff CF10 4RU

Contact Number: +44 34 3658 0345

9. Churchill

Churchill Insurance is a United Kingdom-based Bromley, London insurance firm. Churchill has been a member of the Direct Line Company. The insurance companies in UK have been liable for policies when they start moving from a branch.

Yet our dedication to exceptional customer service also exists in a changing world. A spot where Churchill, your trustworthy mate, is always a chat.

10. Direct Line

Direct Line invented the solution to the selling of policies on the internet. The ease of its sales methods updated the motor insurance world and revolutionized the insurance industry in all sectors.

It also increased the standards for the value for money and customer service of millions of consumers. The first insurance company to use the mobile telephone as its sole method for marketing motor insurance policies directly to customers.

Using its technological advantages, the rates for millions of vehicles have been lowered thus delivering cheaper, more reliable and affordable operation than ever before.

11. Bupa

Companies in Britain as one of the best places to work. In certain countries, with about 15 m clients run laboratories, dentistries and hospitals.

They also have aged care businesses in the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and New Zealand. They are here to expand as a market leader in the fields of healthcare and multi-insurance.

12. Endsleigh

To various trade organizations and professional associations, it is the chosen provider. The largest insurance companies in UK in the sector with students and school practitioners with over 50 years of industry experience.

In the development of fully customized protection products for training companies to include their student services as part of its coverage packages.

13. HSBC

HSBC Life Insurance gives you calmness, realizing that if the unexpected happens, your loved ones are covered financially. If you’re unsure of the items that suit you, you can take advantage of our financial planning tools to help you pick.

A team member will discuss the options open to you to satisfy your individual needs (HSBC Life Cover is provided only for mortgage insurance in the industry).

14. Hastings Direct

Hastings Insurance Services Ltd is a British insurance company offering electronic and telephonic coverage to clients.

It offers insurance for vehicles, bikes, vans, houses and a number of auxiliary products and services including disaster cover, individual accidents, vehicle substitutes and legal cover.

They offer a range of affordable and unobtrusive products and services, including vehicle, bicycle, truck and home insurance, and a number of other items, including breakdown cover and family laws.

15. Insure Daily

Markerstudy insurance company Limited is a provider of InsureDaily. It’s a specialized short-term insurance program with compensation options like vehicles and truck.

Services Group Limited operates the insurance website and is approved and governed by the Authority for Financial Conduct.

Insure Daily insurance companies in UK is related to the Universal Insurance Company Ltd, which is approved by and controlled by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission for the purposes of its Rules relating to Insurance Companies.

16. Ingenie

Ingenie is a young driver professional vehicle insurance company. The new telematics in vehicles is used to determine the driving style.

Ingenie provides feedback about how you are driving through a free mobile device. In the vehicle, an electronic device is installed.

Implementation will be made of Telematics info, including distance, slowing, acceleration and angling, on a variety of driving characteristics. Ingenie will motivate you to be a better driver and affect the insurance cost of your vehicle.

17. Life sure

Life sure is a general insurance company that offers insurance policies as an insurance agent. Life sure offers a range of insurance products for both personal and commercial policies.

In order to perform this function, different levels of personal data will be needed. This firm soon became the largest insurance company. It focussed on-road caravans in the United Kingdom but also included insurance products such as safety at home and travel insurance.

18. MRL Insurance

With more than years of experience in travel insuring. With the involvement of ROCK Insurance Group, the organization has over the last years of travel insurance experience.

In order to satisfy a number of customer requirements, the ROCK Insurance Group is committed to premium insurance cover. In this way, we have more than a million customers covered. Our online booking services are simple and secure are given by this MRL Insurance company in UK.

19. NFU Mutual

Mutual is headquartered in Warwickshire-based Stratford-upon-Avon. NFU Mutual is owned by its owners, as opposed to its ownership of insurance companies. NFU Mutual has acknowledged potential liability from farms.

NFU Mutual Direct was formed for the delivery of telephone and internet call centre services. A division of Avon Insurance Plc offers insurance against personal injury and personal injury.

20. RAC

The primary facilities include emergency help and general insurance, and its branches include RAC Motoring Facilities Ltd, RAC Financial Services Ltd or RAC Compensation Limited.

We do protect every car club in the world’s largest geographical region. Our true aim, though, is to represent our founders, who initiated RAC, to preserve and improve the WA culture in which we live and work. WA (Inc) Royal Automotive Club is an Associate Company.

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