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Top 10 insurance companies in Nepal

Best insurance companies in Nepal is an arrangement that is a scheme where a person or company is insured or reimbursed for damages by an insurance firm.

Insurance policies should be used to compensate against the possibility of financial losses, large and small, which can be incurred by covered harm or property damage, or by responsibility for damage and injuries.

Businesses require specific types of insurance policies to address specific types of threats that they pose. Every damage that can be assessed may be covered by top insurance companies in Nepal.

The survival and popularity of top insurance companies in Nepal were probably a result of better and customized operations.

Note: This is not ranking, just listing!

1. National Life Insurance Company Ltd.

The National Life insurance company in Nepal have established credibility as a business that specializes in the highest level of customer service.

Their determination is to provide value and support to all who do business with strengthens. NLI is the best insurance company in Nepal because it sponsors fundamental ideals of integrity, accountability, humility, and fairness to the customers as a service.

Head Office Address: Lazimpat Rd, Kathmandu 44600

Email Id:

Contact Number: 01-4416556

2. American Life Insurance Company Limited

One of the country’s leading life policies, injury & health care policy and workplace liability schemes offers appealing protection and services at a level of competition. As the first international insurance company, it is the best insurance company in Nepal with an insurance license issued.

Knowing and meeting customer needs through a network of medical suppliers, management services and banking partners. It is the strategy of this AMERICAN LIFE insurance companies in Nepal is to provide you with professionals who have a deep understanding of the environment that you need an infrastructure that is as broad.

3. Nepal Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Nepal Life Insurance Company Ltd insurance company in Nepal because of the project and the way it operates has its own identity. The company works on a time-based strategy to achieve its dream to distribute an insurance message to all homes and to render Nepal an economically stable and competitive country.

As an insurance company, it does the same function as the other life insurers that deal in. Make efforts by the Life Insurance noble organization that ensures that every family can contribute economically securely to the creation of a stable, prosperous and productive nation by every person of Nepal.

Create specialized and creative insurance programs to address the financial and social needs of every section of the population. To consumers who can be dubbed the finest after-sales operation.

Head Office Address: Heritage Plaza-1, Kathmandu, Nepal 

Email Id: 

Contact Number: 01-4169082

4. Life Insurance Corporation Nepal (LIC)

Life Insurance Corporation insurance company in Nepal has numerous Laurels in both national and international sectors. It ensures and enhances the quality of life of its people by offering competitively returned products and services to aspired characteristics and providing economic development resources.

The Indian Life Insurance Company is a Private insurance group, operated by the Indian Government. It is approved by the Nepal Insurance Board (Beema Samiti) for life insurance.

Head Office Address: Star Mall , 4th Floor, Kathmandu 

Email Id:

Contact Number: 01-4012613

5. Asian Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Asian Life insurance company in Nepal is committed to maintaining the highest level of professional integrity, compliance with regulations and corporate governance. The organization has concentrated since its founding on the happiness of policy-makers.

A large and expansive market network is in operation in Asian Life for the delivery of a wide range of products such as money back, property, full life, mutual life, term existence, micro-life goods, etc. For its conventional goods, the business also has a dedicated face-to-face site.

The company’s goal is to become the most respected life insurance company in the insurance market in Nepal.

Head Office Address: New Plazza Rd, Kathmandu   

Email Id:

Contact Number: 01-4430270

6. Gurans Life Insurance Company Ltd

Gurans Life Insurance Company Ltd is sponsoring the Dugar Group, Sunrise Bank Ltd along with a number of leading entrepreneurs and experts in the commercial and legal sectors.

The Gurans Life insurance companies in Nepal have made a reinsurance deal with SCOR GLOBAL LIFE SE, SINGAPORE and Nepal RE to contribute to the social as well as the financial sector.

Head Office Address: Shree Raj Bhawan, Tinkune, Kathmandu

Email Id:

Contact Number: 01-5199105

7. Surya Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Surya Life Insurance Company Ltd. has been reinsured by the government. Creating and integrating tools and means for economic development to ensure a safe existence and to boost livelihoods, and developing and executing numerous enticing life-saving payback schemes for Nepali people.

The company’s founders hold assets in the public sector in Nepal. The insurance companies in Nepal is the biggest privately-owned life insurance company in Nepal.

Head Office Address: Sano Gaucharan, Kathmandu   

Email Id:

Contact Number: 01-4423743

8. Prime Life Insurance Company Ltd.

The goal of PrimeLife insurance companies in Nepal is to meet people and make a change to their lives by delivering outstanding life insurance policies and to support the search for a better day.

The global development and consequent emergence of new companies have dramatically increased the strategic strength and dynamism of insurance.

The business resulted in adding significant sums to the insurance holders ‘ Life accounts which were only feasible with the economies in the operating expenses and productivity of the working team.

That contributed to an increasingly high level of flexibility of procedures and systems to achieve competitive advantages

Head Office Address: Hattisar, Kathmandu   

Email Id:

Contact Number: 01-4441414

9. Himalayan General Insurance Company Ltd.

They seek to provide our clients with quality facilities, consistent contributions to our partners and the sustainable advancement of our employees.

While HGI has become well-known for its market-leading in claims management, it represents a vast and varied range of products and consumers.

Our mission is to provide cost-effective insurance companies in Nepal with optimal claim handling. The clients represent any level of society–companies, technology agencies, and individual customers.

Head Office Address: HGI house,Babar Mahal, Kathmandu 

Email Id:

Contact Number: 01-4231788

10. Everest Insurance Company Ltd.

The insurance policy is diverse, with a wide array of non-life insurance options to guarantee that your life remains secure. A sense of safety is not only necessary in the atmosphere of confusion, but is an integral element in life.

With an opportunity to safeguard Nepal, after the restructuring of the insurance sector–as a public limited company and with the progress of wider consumer trust, insurance companies in Nepal is a long way from acquiring the faith. It has a strong board, diverse staff, and agents as the foundation of the Organization.

Head Office Address: Hattisar Rd, Kathmandu

Email Id:

Contact Number: 01 – 4444717

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