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Top Insurance Companies in Asia

The top insurance companies in Asia are serving to secure the life and property of people. Insuring one’s life is a common goal of every individual in today’s world. The obvious and most important benefit of insurance is the payment of loss. Insurance company is a financial business that has been providing coverage as economic compensation to the hardship, loss, injury, damage and treatment in exchange for premium payment in times of need, necessity and designation time period. Among other parts of the world, Asia also has hundreds of insurance companies.

1. Ping An Insurance (China)

Ping An Insurance is a holding company which mainly deals with insurance, banking, and financial services. It was established in 1988 with its headquarters in Shenzhen. The company started as a property and casualty insurance company, later diversified into life insurance, banking, asset management, brokerage service and private equity investing. It has its branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou.With the gross premium income of US$ 107 BILLION is considered to be China’s biggest insurer and one of the top insurance companies in Asia.

2. Japan Post Insurance (Japan)

It was started on october 2007 as a life insurance company under Japan’s past group of companies. It has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. It provides its customers through Japan Post Co. Ltd’s nationwide network of post offices and corporate customers through sales offices directly managed by the company. As one of the best insurance companies in Asia it was providing the best services with the help of 5400 employees.

3. Nippon Life Insurance (Japan)

Nippon Life Insurance founded in 1889 is the largest life insurance in Japan by revenue. The company with 70519employees is working in insurance and insurance related business world wide. Its product includes whole life and term life insurance with survival benefit dread disease, physical disability and nursing care. As one of the best insurance companies in Asia it has a total asset of 70608 billion yen.

4. Zenkyoren/JA-Kyosai Ren (Japan)

It was founded in 1951 and provides property liability and life insurance. It is a public pension located in Japan. Its total assets are $523,463,576,000. Zenkyoren operates mutual aid service. It offers human mutual aiding , housing mutual aiding, automobile mutual aiding, and other services. It serves customers throughout Japan and is one of the best insurance companies in Asia.

5. China Life Insurance (China)

China Life Insurance is a Beijing based company established in 1949. It offers a wide range of life,accident, and health insurance  products and services. It provides annuity products and life insurance. It is 70% owned by the government and has 600,000 agents worldwide making it Asia’s top insurance company. It has a total asset of 362.1 billion. It offers asset management and other financial services as well. It provides insurance service to over 500 million customers.

6. Life Insurance Corporation of India (India)

It is an insurance group and investment company owned by the government of India. It was established on September 1 1956. Over 245 insurance companies merged together to become a single Life Insurance Corporation of India. With 111979 employees it serves 290 million policyholders. It is among top insurance companies in Asia having an asset of US$ 440 Billion.The company provides life, pension, health and micro insurance products and services.

7. Cathay Financial Holding (Taiwan)

Cathay Financial Holding is a Taiwan based financial holding company. With the help of its subsidiaries, the company provides traditional life insurance, health care and accident insurance, as well as banking security underwriting and brokerage services, it has been a full functioning financial platform. It was established on december 31, 2001 by Tsaiwan-lin. It is one of the best insurance companies in Asia and has an asset of 9218.16 B.

8. Samsung Life Insurance (South Korea)

It is a multinational insurance company and has its headquarter in Seoul. It is a subsidiary of Samsung Group. It grew quickly and made a market position after just 18 months of operations. In 1986 it opened representative offices in Newyork and Tokyo and expanded in overseas operations through a joint venture in Thailand in 1997 and China in 2005. It was the first Life insurance company in Korea. It is among the best insurance companies in Asia and has a total asset of 195 billion with 6266 employees.

9. AIA Group (Hong Kong)

It is the largest public listed Pan-Asia Life Insurance Group. It offers insurance and financial services, writing life insurance for individuals and businesses as well as accident and health insurance, and other retirement plans and wealth management services. It is based in Hongkong with a prince in 18 markets in Asia Pacific. It was founded on 19 december 1919.It is one of the best insurance companies in Asia with the total assets of US$284 Billion. It has served the ever changing needs of million of people across the Asia-Pacific region.

10. Suncorp Group (Australia)

Suncorp is one of the Australia’s largest Financial Service Brands offering Home and motor insurance, banking, Life insurance and superannuation. Suncorp  has its headquarter in Brisbane, Australia and serves in NewZealand. It is Australia’s mid-sized banks and largest general insurance group formed on 1 december 1996. It is a leading financial services provider enabling more than nine million customers to better protect and enhance their financial well being. It is a top asian insurance company with the total assets of A$ 97.109 billion with 14500 employs.It has 100 words…include_once…Top insurance companies in Asia.

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