7 Technology Trends 2030 That Will Revolutionize The Future

What are the most important technology trends 2030?

Sci-fi movies that you watched over many years can become your current reality. Could you imagine a world in which the reality you already know can merge with virtual reality?

Technology trends in 2030 state that we are not far from starting to live that way. That is why we explain in this article the novelties that this decade brings and how you could adapt to them.

Gadgets connected to humans – Neuralink

In this decade your thoughts will have more power. “It is an electrical problem and must be solved with electricity”; experts claim. Elon Musk and his project “Neuralink” emphasize that human intelligence is much more powerful than artificial intelligence, we just need an engine that powers these abilities.

This project, which began in 2016, aims to allow human beings, through a microchip, to connect to mobile devices and control actions. The point of attachment will be an application that will connect to the sensor or microchip.

Once this system is implemented, it is planned that the human being will be able to carry out the following actions:

  • Experiencing smells: Users will be able to travel to places like the beach or the forest in a virtual way and experience the sensation that being in these places implies. Also sniffing his favorite food.
  • Sensitivity: It is expected to maximize the user experience by creating buttons and elements that are sensitive to the touch.
  • Voice recognition: The imitation of the voice can be almost so real that it could confuse family and friends.
  • Sustainability: Once this system is implemented, it is expected to have an internet that will keep climate changes stable, almost completely reducing interruptions.
  • Real information: Fake news will be a thing of the past. In an ideal world, users will be able to access truthful and confirmed information.
  • Fused Reality: Virtual reality and the real world will come together to enhance the human life experience.

Electronic commerce surpassing the traditional

Electronic commerce 2030

In US most online sales, according to CNN. If the trend for the following decade is an online market where dynamism, intelligence, intuition and decisive abounds.

What could evolve and import in e-commerce?

The segmented audience

Marketing strategies already understand the power of segmentation, so over time, it will be much easier to assess the needs of the target audience and solve their needs.

Build loyalty in the customer’s shopping experience

Making the user feel from the moment he enters the web until he leaves satisfied, will be one of the technology trends 2030. The correct use of micro-interactions and a quality web design will increase the sales of an online store or eCommerce.

Mobile-centric E-commerce

According to statistics, people spend a significant amount of time on their mobile devices and also make purchases through them. As a result, firms will make every effort to develop segmented mobile marketing strategies.

Sales will increase through social media

Facebook creator Marc Zuckerberg offers enhancements to the user experience on social media. The central matrix of Facebook is to solve social problems, what its founder wants to transform this last decade is how to finance these problems.

That is why you will create commerce tools so that small businesses can start their business. So for example, if you are Laura the creator of Vintage Market on Instagram, you can sell your products anywhere in the world.

In the 2030 technology trends, augmented virtual reality will give a sense of presence and form better bonds. That thought that “technology keeps us away” will be transformed to start from the concept that thanks to it we can be closer to those we love just by thinking about it.

The evolution of shipping chains

What could happen later? The user will want immediacy and quality in each purchase made. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos affirms the idea of ​​creating drones that can deliver packages to buyer-supplied addresses. This will only have to print some drones that will be placed at the door of your house so that it can find the way.

Total automation of physical jobs

automation job 2030

It is an irrefutable fact that automation will leave 800 million people without jobs, according to Theverge. People who held jobs such as tellers, accounting, automobile relocation will have to change jobs in this transition.

Highly potential positions will be those such as 3D printing management, programming, robotics engineering, Psychology, among others.

In addition to this, in the technology trends 2030, there will be a change of profile in the worker. This worker will be the passionate one who wants to develop his art through digital media. In addition to this, the hardworking professional that will survive will be the one that best adapts to changes, studies continuously and can function in a remote work environment.

Part-time work

With the implementation of artificial intelligence, full days could be reduced to part-time. With this, there would be benefits such as:

  • New job opportunities for those who did not continually train.
  • Decrease in massive layoffs.

What is not very clear is how workers’ income would be transformed.

Genomic medicine

Over the years, medicine has been in charge of carrying out a preliminary evaluation and subsequently executing a diagnosis in patients. Genomic medicine is another 2030 technology trend.

This branch of medicine’s main study is to sequence and analyze DNA variations and thus know the signs and symptoms of the most common diseases. All with the aim of treating them in time or lengthening the life process.

Most genomic medicine studies will be done through 3D simulators to reduce the risk of applying experiments to patients.

In addition to this, robotics will form a large part of the collaboration in the medical field, since they will cover hours of sleep in nurses, doctors and caregivers, to focus exclusively on making complex decisions in relation to the health of the patient.

6G the networks that will precede 5G

5G has three possibilities for improvements that will occur over these five years: improve bandwidth, reduce latency periods and expand connectivity.

The arrival of the 6G will increase the capacity of the relationship between objects and people. This is when the automation process will accelerate and the way we consume data will change. Rates are achieved even from 1000 tbps.

What are the objectives of the 6G implementation?

  • Solve complex problems in a short latency period.
  • Send information in real-time to avoid possible accidents or anticipations of situations experienced by other users.
  • Continuous supervision of financial markets.

At the moment countries such as Finland, Japan, China and South Korea are already in the process of experimenting with this technology.

Development of solar energy

Automation and the increase in artificial intelligence is a factor that must be taken into account and that is how can we constantly move through data without renewable energy? Or even worse, how to know that we would not destroy the planet in this process? For this, governments must invest resources in solar energy.

This investment will depend on the leaders of each country and how they realize the importance of renewable energy in the next decade. For example, the European Union agreed that by 2030 27% of the energy they would use will be renewable.

What is expressed by the World Health Organization is that before the appearance of COVID-19, electrical systems were being implemented in continents such as Asia and Africa to ensure access to safe energy as a vital element.


One of the 2030 technology trends is global standardization in today’s financial markets. What is also mentioned by the world bank is that great advances and innovation can be created thanks to the Blockchain system.

The process of decentralizing data on the blockchain is what makes the use of this technology continue. In addition to the unlimited number of transactions that can be executed in a day for the amount, you consider necessary.

In a decade where users want more independence and confidentiality, the use of blockchain will undoubtedly be one of the 2030 technology trends that will remain in use.

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