9 Instagram Trends in 2023 to Generate More Customers

The most important Instagram trends in 2023 are:

  • Nofilter trend.
  • Click-to-messenger ads.
  • Privacy.
  • Environment and inclusion.
  • Large fonts and phrases.

Today it accumulates about 1.08 billion monthly active users, while it is expected that by 2023 it will reach a record number of 1.180 million users. What makes it one of the social networks with the greatest potential for marketing and selling.

Read on to learn about all the Instagram trends that will help you generate more customers in 2023:

Click-to-messenger ads boom

One of the most important trends for Instagram in 2023 is the so-called click-to-messenger ads, which are precisely those ads that redirect leads to a Messenger chat, instead of sending them to a sales page.

These ads can be extremely useful thanks to the fact that with them we get users to have direct contact with us, through which we can give them a much more personalized treatment and thus have a better chance of closing sales.

These types of ads have very good figures behind them, since being message formats, they have an opening rate of up to 88% and a CTR of up to 56%, according to Manychat.

This type of advertising has a great advantage: through it we have more direct contact with our Leads, far from the great noise that exists in the Feeds.

While, on the other side of the coin, message advertising is interpreted by many as invasive advertising, however, it is most likely that we will see how Instagram will implement the best measures to make this advertising enjoyable.

Automating conversations in DM

With 70% of its users interested in product stocks published on Instagram, message automation tools are becoming more and more popular.

It is estimated that companies usually receive a total of 400 million messages every day, which makes the use of messaging automation tools even more important.

However, users are also catalysts for the use of these tools, since, according to Statista, 18% of consumers worldwide want immediate answers and another 28% want answers in less than an hour.

That is why chatbot technology continues to evolve and it is expected that Instagram will also implement the use of tools and functionalities that are useful to automate conversations.

Not only do chatbots benefit merchants and their customer service, but users will also benefit from them by having the possibility of making purchases much faster and receiving attention in the shortest possible time.

Live shopping

Live shopping is another of the Instagram trends in 2023 and also check out the major Facebook trends post . It is worth noting how live broadcasts, which promote and sell products, are increasingly common, both on Facebook and Instagram.

While this 2021 Instagram launched “Drops” a function that allows companies to generate greater expectation with their product launches through space to advertise new launches.

The idea behind live sales is the same as that of TV commercials, which encourages immediate purchase.

In the same way, this will encourage influencer marketing to continue to be directed towards audiovisual content.

Short video mastery

Short videos, also called clips, were one of the main trends in 2022, but far from over, 2023 is still the year of short videos.

Yes, it is true that it all started long ago with the old and now-defunct Vine, then Snapchat and Tik Tok began to promote this type of short video content.

Users are overwhelmed with the sheer barrage of content they receive on a daily basis, which is why short video content is a sensation.

Instagram Reels is the bet of this social network in terms of short videos and we will undoubtedly see it evolving to new functions in 2023.

On the other hand, companies will continue to push ads in short video format, as these are not only loved by users but also produce a higher conversion rate.


Privacy is an increasingly hot topic in social networks, every day users are more aware that maintaining the integrity of their data is a priority.

On the other hand, Google, the great technology giant, plans measures regarding the preservation of privacy, such as the elimination of cookies.

Similarly, Apple emphasizes to its users how important the privacy of their data is.

So Instagram, Facebook and Meta, in general, must evolve in this sense and with more reason than the others, since these companies have had great scandals regarding the violation of the privacy of their users.

Instagram evolves in the face of sales

Instagram will continue to evolve in the face of commerce within its social network. All these thanks to the figures that I have already given.

Some of the changes that we will surely see are all those related to the publications where you can buy, and the implementation of new means of payment and everything that contributes to the user not leaving the social network when making a purchase.

Popular Topics on Instagram for 2023

It can be difficult and to some extent impossible to predict the topics that will be trending in 2023, however, we can mention some topics that will be important and hot on the internet in general. Talk about them to generate more participation with their social profiles:


The first topic is inclusion. It is a topic that was in trend throughout 2021 and will continue to be so in 2023 because social networks are today the best tools to promote social causes. Take care that your brand is inclusive and that you really care about the causes of your users.


Everything that has to do with sustainability and preservation of the environment will be a trend in 2023 and the next few years, since users are increasingly aware of the use of plastics, caring for the environment and others.

Unfiltered trend

The trend of not using filters will be one of the fashions for 2023.

It is not that users will stop putting filters on their photos, in fact, these filters will continue to evolve, some of them for virtual reality; however, the trend of using filters will drive the publication of more authentic images that convey a greater sense of authenticity.

You can use the #nofilter Hashtag to push unfiltered content to gain more visibility.

Large fonts and phrases

Finally, let’s talk about the use of large fonts and phrases in 2023 which will have an impact on Instagram.

Actually, this social network has become a space on the web where a large number of fonts are created and displayed; it can be mentioned as a fairly rich typeface showcase in them.

Large fonts coupled with equally outrageous phrases will be a trend in 2023 for posting, posters and many types of messages that require more attention.

Use large fonts and short phrases to get more attention from the user.

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