How to Promote a Product on Twitter and Increase Your Reach

Do you need to learn everything about how to promote a product on Twitter?

The social network Twitter has become more than 140 characters to share an opinion, it is one of the most important social networks where millions of potential users who can buy your product are creating and reading tweets a day.

To promote a product on Twitter you must be strategic, intelligent and persuasive. In this article, we will mention how you can promote a product through Twitter in an effective and minimally invasive way.

How to successfully sell a product on Twitter?

Although throughout this article we will mention strategies that will teach you how to promote a product on Twitter, there is a decisive factor that will make these strategies reach your audience and that is the communication tone.

It doesn’t matter how many cool graphics, gifs, or elements you add to your tweet if you don’t know how your target audience communicates. The user profile on Twitter is critical and observant, so if you want him to be genuinely interested in your product, you should evaluate the way in which he communicates through his Twitter profile.

It is also important to establish clear objectives of the product promotion: Is it created to inform users about the value of your brand? Do you want to increase your followers? Set short goals that can be accurately measurable.

And finally, create a promotion with intention. On Twitter, there are trending topics or trending topics that can go hand in hand such as promoting your product. When you create a promotion with the intention it has more impact than creating it randomly.

Strategies to learn how to promote a product on Twitter

To promote a product on Twitter, it is necessary to use marketing strategies that manage to transmit all the necessary information about the product to the user without being invasive. Many small and medium-sized businesses make mistakes when they decide to display their products on social media.

Use images

Although the Twitter platform is characterized by writing, accompanying it with an image creates an impact. A tweet that has an attractive image, with brand colors and good typography gets about 18% more clicks than one without an image.

How can you elaborate on your tweet?

  • Choose a quick and functional tip that your product has.
  • Show the results before and after the use of your product.
  • Create an image with the most relevant characteristics.

Optimize your bio

A functional brand bio on Twitter consists of a short phrase or slogan followed by a link. This link can be a tweet that you have promoted, a contest or any relevant strategy for your product that the user has not seen immediately and which can be accessed when entering your profile.

Create contests

Contests to promote a product on Twitter are another strategy that brings positive results to your product. If your target audience is interested in your brand, they will want to win it. Of course, you cannot create a complex contest because the user will be demotivated for participating. Create simple rules for promoting:

  • You can specify that they follow your Twitter account and create a tweet with the promotional image of your product. Or also retweet your contest tweet.
  • Give a prize of value: When you decide to raffle for example a television or any appliance, you will have millions of users participating and wanting to win. But what happens? Many of them will not be your target audience. The best thing you can create in the promotion is a discount coupon or gift card.

Before creating the contest, we recommend that you read the rules that Twitter has to create this type of ad.

Use advanced searches

Before creating promoted tweets you can evaluate in related searches what are users tweeting in relation to your product? These searches allow you to be more creative and meet the needs of your potential customer through tweets.

And not only about your brand, but in relation to the product that your brand offers. With this information, you can create tweets with images that convey the message that users want to read through your Twitter account.

How can you help them? Advanced searches allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Use promoted tweets

The tweets that you create to interact with your target audience have a very low percentage of reach among your own followers. It depends on the percentage of users that your tweet scales position, that is if those users give “I like” or retweet. Therefore, a viable option to reach more people is to create promoted tweets.

If your product account is relatively new, you will have to be resourceful enough to create a tweet that will hook your users. If your account is a bit old, try promoting an old tweet that you think had some impact.

Note: Make the most of this strategy as Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of the social network, indicated that users will have to work more organically to reach users.

Interact with users

It is important to mention that “likes” and retweets operate on users as stimuli. What happens when we don’t respond to them?

We lose the attention of our potential clients. For a product to have visibility on Twitter, it is necessary to interact with users who are interested in information about your product.

Always respond to your users with a short phrase, short and effective information and why not? Use some emojis to gain confidence. Remember that the communicational tone in social networks can be relaxed a bit to create closeness.

Go Live on Periscope

We keep mentioning that videos or live broadcasts will have much more impact than written content. The founders of Twitter knew this very well when they purchased the Periscope app in 2015.

You can, for example, create a live and promote a question and answer dynamic. You can also use any strategy where you make users feel part of your experience.

The Louis Vuitton brand created a live show on Periscope for its followers to participate in the Fall-Winter 2017 men’s fashion show.

Create hashtags that become a trending

The hashtag on Twitter are very relevant and, if you use it well, they will become a trend and you can also check out the Instagram trends. If you create a good conversation starter where users are motivated to talk about it, they will use that too.

For example, sprout social magazine created a campaign in 2017 where it invited its followers for the new year to comment on the goals achieved and add the hashtag #SproutGoals.

Networking between relevant social users

Brand relationships is a solid strategy for learning how to promote a product on Twitter. They can, for example, organize a joint chat on a topic of interest to users of both accounts.

You can also create a routine in chats. Create a day a week dedicated to talking about a particular topic, so you also promote a sense of belonging to the topics that are related to your product.

In networking and creating new weekly topics you can use expectations and create tweets before the shared chat starts.

Create valuable testimonials

The testimonials of your users in relation to your product generate in other potential buyers the assurance that they are acquiring commitment, value and a product that will leave a mark on their lives. This is the primary intention of brands.

How do you get testimonials?

  • Get ambassadors who can convey your brand message through Twitter. Choose a few and measure the scope and visibility they have brought to the exposure of your product.
  • Create weekly value topics followed by a hashtag so that your customers can express what benefits the acquisition of your product has brought to their lives.

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