Gabi Demartino Biography: Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Today

Short Info
Famous Name:Gabriella Nelida Demartino
Age:27 years old
Height:5ft 2inches
Date of Birth:May 5, 1995
Mother:Nelida Garcia-Demartino
Father:Jeffrey Demartino
Net Worth:$1.5 million
Birth Place:Center Valley, Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Unmarried
Eye Color:Light Brow
Weight:49 kg

Gabi DeMartino’s real name is Gabriel Nelida DeMartino was born on May 15, 1995 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She is a fashion and beauty guru, YouTuber, singer-songwriter, actress and screen writer.

She has a twin sister named Niki DeMartino and both sisters began their career in 2010 with their older sister Alex DeMartino on their channel “00Remake Girls”. She has partnered with Stylehaul and has videos featured as part of Awesomeness TV.

In the past gabi and Niki ran a channel called “Niki and Gabi and now she runs her own channel called “Fancy Vlogs by gab” alongside her joint channel “Nikki ad Gabi”.

Gabi Demartino Net Worth

Gabi Demartino net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million USD and this calculation could be done as she runs YouTube channels.

Gabi with her twin sister and older sister are running YouTube channel by posting funny videos about various relatable topics such as DIYs, beauty, celebrities, fashion, etc. Both the twin sisters combined estimated net worth is $5 million.

The joint channel of the sisters has over 9.5 million subscribers and they generate an average of $2,000 per day ($730,000 a year) whereas the channel solely managed by Gabi has over 1.4 million subscribers and generates estimated revenue of $1,300 per day ($480,000 a year).

Gabi Demartino Boyfriends and Relationships

Gabi Demartino dated Brandon Grupe from 2010- 2015 and Brandon got famous for being Gabi’s boyfriend. They both had shared a YouTube channel called GabiandBrandon which earned more than 80,000 subscribers until the two of the broke up in 2015.

Gabi and Brandon had attended a high school together called Notre dame and he played soccer during that time. Currently Gabi DeMartino is dating Collin Vogt who is a musician and often times posts videos to his social media singing and playing guitar. Collin began dating Gabi in July 2015 and they are still going on.

Gabi Demartino House

Gabi DeMartino with her twin sister just revealed that they bought a house together but sources say that they won’t be living together in the meantime even though they bought a house together.

The space will be used for filming purposes as Gabi DeMartino lives in Pennsylvania with her boyfriend and Niki DeMartino lives in LA with her boyfriend.

The twin sisters used to pre-film all their videos in their parents’ house in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania but now all the future shootings will be done in the newly bought house. The new hose is in Bethlehem, PA which is a city about 75,000 people and about 60 miles from Philadelphia.

Gabi Demartino today life and Career

Gabi DeMartino started her career in YouTube from August 29, 2010 with her twin sister Niki DeMartino called “00RemakeGirls”. Both the twin sisters continued to release videos on their channel and into 2012 with their elder sister Alex DeMartino.

On February 2019 Gabi released her fifth solo single, “Cold Room” along with the music video following with March; the twins began filming the fourth season of their reality series “Niki and Gabi Spring Break”.

She is dating Collin Vogt and is thinking of having children with him. She maintains a vlog where she has talked about moving from her Cinderella Cottage in LA and buying a home in Bermuda.

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