Dr. CK Raut Biography: Net Worth, Age, Party Birth Place

CK Raut Wiki

Full Name:Chandra Kant Raut
Nickname:CK Raut
Net Worth:$4 Million
Age:45 Years old
Date of Birth:August 31, 1977
Profession:Politician and Scientis
Birth Place:Mahadeva, Saptari, Madesh
Marriage Status:Yes

Chandra Kant Raut is a Nepali MP, engineer, author, activist and a gold medalist from Tribhuvan University. He has been under house arrest by the Government of Nepal, was active in the Alliance for Independent Madhesh, and joined the mainstream politics by forming Janamat Party in 2019. He was elected as a Member of Parliament of the Pratinidhi Sabha in the 2022 Nepalese general election.

CK Raut Biography

CK Raut is a revolutionary leader of Madesh. Dr. CK Raut was born in Mahadeva village in Saptari district, Nepal. He attended primary school in his village and high school in Laxmi Ballav Narsingh Secondary School in Babhangama Katti. Raut studied at Tribhuvan University (Nepal), Tokyo University (Japan) and Cambridge University (UK). He has received several awards, including the Young Nepalese Engineer Award, Mahendra Bidhya Bhusan, Kulratna Gold Medal, and Trofimenkoff Academic Achievement Award.

Dr. Raut is a former US-based computer scientist and an accomplished author and social activist. He worked as a scientist in the USA before resigning and returning to Nepal in 2011. Raut directed ‘Black Buddhas (2011)’ and authored ‘Denial To Defense (autobiography)’, ‘A History of Madhesh’ and ‘Madhesh Swaraj’.

CK Raut Net Worth

CK Raut Net Worth total estimated is $4 million dollar as per his latest declaration. His primary source of income is being a successful scientist, but he also collected significant earnings from his agriculture in Nepal.

CK Raut Age, Height, Weight

Dr. CK Raut age is 45 years old in 2023 as he was born on August 31, 1977, in Mahadeva, Saptari, Madhesh, Nepal. CK Rau height and weight is unknow.

Dr. Ck Raut Party (Janmat Party)

Ck raut Party

The Janamat Party is a Nepalese political party that won two local levels in the Saptari district, decisive seats in the Madhesh provincial assembly, and had positive talks with the Congress senior leader Bimalendra Nidhi for forming a democratic government.

FAQ About CK Raut

What is the net worth of CK Raut?

CK Raut’s net worth is $4 million.

What is CK Raut’s profession?

CK Raut is a politician and scientist.

What is CK Raut’s ethnicity?

CK Raut’s ethnicity is Madeshi.

What is CK Raut’s religion?

CK Raut’s religion is Hindu.

Is CK Raut married?

Yes, CK Raut is married.


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