7 Marketing Positions That A Company Needs And Drives

If you are going to start your first digital agency and you have doubts about what marketing positions a company needs, stay until the end of this article and you will learn how to have reach and visibility on the internet.

It is said that the one that “covers a lot does little” for this reason it is important to have a professional specialized in the different areas to enhance each one of them.

The Community Manager: Strategist par excellence

In some companies, the main function of this professional is not yet fully understood. There is even a misconception that any other employee in the company could do this job.

A community manager is in charge of creating action plans and strategies necessary to create an impact on social networks. What is the objective of this professional? Create a community of users passionate about the company’s brand so that the product or service can sell itself.

To do this, it uses the following actions:

  • A planning calendar for the different social networks. Your potential client does not seek to consume the same content on the various social networks, so you have to create diverse content on each of the platforms.
  • Measure the scope and visibility of the content created and modify it based on the initial action plan.
  • Tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Social Guest for planning the different publications on the various social networks. Also URL shorteners like
  • Measure the impact of these strategies with quantifiable statistical data with tools like Google Analytics.
  • Does it still seem like a task that any employee belonging to a company can create? We tell you more.

Contributions that this professional can add to your company and personal brand

Among the marketing positions that a company needs, the community manager has millions of potential contributions. We mention some below:

  • It considerably improves the visibility and reach of the brand on the internet. This will create a concept and a reputation for your company.
  • Generate a community of high value for your business. What good are followers on your social networks who are not really interested in your product or service? In this sense, you need quality before quantity.
  • Establish stable and lasting relationships with the community of users, followers and influencers.
  • Users connected with your brand values, continually willing to like, share and comment on your publications.
  • Generate leads or conversions to the different landing pages of the company.
  • Enhance customer service. Many times social networks function as frequently asked questions channels that the community manager must manage and alleviate doubts.

What personality characteristics should the Community Manager profile have?

  • Investigative: This professional must assume a detective role, continuously investigating his potential client or buyer persona. What do you seek to satisfy in each of them and how your product or service unconsciously connects with these needs, generating insight.
  • Empathic: If you don’t know how to connect with the consumer’s emotions, how would you sell your product or service?
  • Communicative: Must have a persuasive vocabulary and handle the communicational tone of the client. Only then can it have an impact on your consumer.
  • Mediator: When a controversy arises, which is still the order of the day, your community must promote immediate solutions in these types of situations.
  • Enthusiast: You must speak on each of the social networks passionate about what it offers. If you don’t show yourself as the number one fan, how are potential clients going to believe you?

Content Writer: The voice of your blog

Another of the marketing positions that a company undoubtedly needs is the web copywriter. This professional is in charge of turning complex content into something simple and functional for your readers .

In addition to this, it must be persuasive and must develop a closeness between the reader and the content to be developed. Or what is the same to create a communicational tone.

What skills should a web copywriter profile have?

  • Have good spelling.
  • You must have prior knowledge about advertising, digital marketing, and how social media works.
  • Knowledge about SEO web positioning.
  • You must create eye-catching and credible titles. Users don’t like you lying to them with titles that don’t really meet their needs. They will end up abandoning the text in the second paragraph of the reading.
  • WordPress management. You must know how to index content on the web and understand all the requirements that are handled in it: ALT tags in images, use of h2, among others.
  • Basic notions of graphic design: Handling infographics and use of images without copyright.

Having this professional as part of your marketing team will only bring benefits, since, as we mentioned earlier, he is in charge of creating an affinity and primary contact on the blog with your clients.

In this way, the user will know step by step what your business consists of, what it is about, what benefits it would attract to his life, and why he should buy it. If we go even further into its functions, the writer is in charge of selling your product or service through writing.

The editor is also responsible for creating a series of topics that are related to your business and uses within himself keywords that help you position yourself on the internet. So considerably improve the SEO of your business.

What qualities should this professional have to function at its best?

  • Must be passionate about reading: Yes, the writer must continually read and research to develop quality content that adds value to users. And so Google’s artificial intelligence can position your company among the first 3 positions.
  • Analysis and synthesis capacity: In such a hectic world, the writer needs to synthesize quality content that is truly nutritious for the reader. As it does? Evaluating in the investigation what content will be of great contribution and what content will not. I call this “reading between the lines.” So the copywriter must be able to create totally new and nutritious content.
  • Persuasive and communicative: If you meet item one, which is to read. You will surely have a large verbal repertoire to explain the same content in different ways. In addition to this, it must be persuasive enough to unconsciously encompass the consumer’s mind.
  • Empathic: To be persuasive you must know what your client needs and how to communicate it. The writer must find a way to express a solution to the problem.

SEO Specialist: The scope and visibility of your business

The SEO specialist is another of the marketing positions that a company needs to increase reach and visibility on the internet. More than a position within the company, SEO becomes one of the protagonists in the growth of your business.

Some of the main actions carried out by this professional are the following:

Audits: Through audits, the SEO is able to know what happens within the web page, what problems imply the non-growth of the web and where the work should start.
Evaluation and architecture of the web: Is the content working well? Are they linked correctly? Are the words used really keywords? Through this architecture, SEO begins to improve the internal structure of the web page in question.

  • SEO on page: Comprehensively evaluate page by page the use of ALT, H2 tags, text anchors, internal links, among others.
  • SEO off-page: In this stage, the outgoing links will be evaluated. These must be as natural as possible in order to gain authority.
  • SEO tools management: This professional must handle tools such as SEMrush, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, etc.

As we mentioned, the SEO specialist is one of the protagonists of your business and therefore will only bring benefits to your company such as:

  • Increased ROI: If you invest in well-thought-out marketing strategies, you will increase the investment raised.
  • Increase the credibility of your website: If your website has on-page and off-page SEO, there will be no doubt that it will gain authorship. Google’s artificial intelligence loves web pages that provide valuable and well-structured content.
  • Decrease in advertising costs: When SEO is well used, your business positions itself in an organic and natural way. So in this way you can reduce the cost of advertising.
  • Boost Your Long-Term Business Success: While SEO is not a magic-themed job, don’t despair that success is certain. It’s just a matter of time.

What personality characteristics should this potential protagonist have?

What personality characteristics should this potential protagonist have?

  1. You must be an analytical person. Since it must evaluate problems in various structures that are not visible to the naked eye.
  2. Disciplined and persevering: And it is that an SEO specialist works with a schedule of objectives that must be achieved in a certain time.
  3. Assertive communication. Some clients do not handle technical terms in relation to SEO, so the specialist must find tools to explain to the client in a simple way the situation of their web page.

Graphic Designer: The visual identity of your company

This specialist occupies another space among the marketing positions that a company needs. It is in charge of all the visual identity of your brand: Logo, typography, colors, among others.

Everything planned by the graphic designer has an immersed psychological intention to impact the consumer and connect in a certain way with brand emotions. The main function of these professionals is to develop graphic elements that can positively impact the user:

  • Advertising banners.
  • Logos
  • Brochures and flyers.
  • Business cards.

Having a good graphic identity brings great benefits to your company, since you intuitively guide your potential consumer through pre-defined visual stimuli that arouse an emotion of purchase.

In addition to this, a graphic designer humanizes your brand. Remember that the consumer is looking for a product that really gives them value.  

So the designer must be continually updating himself on knowledge and trends to adapt his work to various platforms such as websites and social networks.

What personality characteristics should a graphic designer have?

  1. You must develop your artistic side: This professional needs to be creative enough to capture the client’s ideas and create something visually striking and positive.
  2. Intuitive: You must have a continuous line of sight, so you must use resources that are similar to each other. Since if there is a sudden change in the design the potential client will notice it and a kind of mental incongruity will be created.
  3. Psychological Knowledge or the Psychology of color: Through colors, the individual awakens an emotion. For this reason, you must know basic concepts of psychology and use it in each of your designs.
  4. Organization: You must have an action plan and schedule for the various activities already mentioned: Publications for the website, visual identity, social networks, flyers, banners, among others. Each of them must be related.

SEM Specialist: The paid advertising of your business

Among the marketing positions that a company needs are SEM specialists. These specialists are responsible for creating marketing strategies through sponsored searches in search engines.

This professional is in charge of carrying out or advising the client about outlining his ideal consumer client or buyer persona. Collecting data such as region, gender, professionalism, age range, interests among others.

It is also in charge of:

  • Develop strategies for Google And it is that we mention it number one because it is positioned in Spain with 96.47% of searches through this browser.
  • The use of platform tools in search engines. One of the most used is Google Ads.
  • Manage and plan a budget based on the bids of each ad in relation to the client’s available budget.
  • Have the writing skills to produce persuasive ads in each banner ad.

Having this specialist as part of your union infusion with the SEO specialist only brings benefits to your company. Since this specialist is in charge, on the one hand, of promoting visibility strategies for your product or service while the visibility of your page increases organically.

What characteristics should this potential SEM specialist have?

  • Analytical and investigative: You must be insightful enough to detect sales opportunities.
  • Creativity: The SEM specialist must develop creative and intuitive strategies and translate it into each of their sales advertisements.
  • Organization: You must make a thorough analysis of the strategies implemented and why they have failed.
  • Disruptive ideas: It must break with the pattern of strategies already used and change the business line.

Web analyst: The statistics par excellence of your marketing strategies

A professional trained to be a web analyst is not only responsible for evaluating, developing and monitoring statistical data through tools such as Google Analytics. The Analyst must be able to professionally handle notions such as SEO web positioning, digital marketing, social networks and in itself maintain a comprehensive notion of the mechanics of the entire company.

Among its functions, it is responsible for:

  • Choose the right tools to carry out this monitoring. In addition to the Google tool par excellence, there are also others such as Clicky, Crazy Egg, among others.
  • Continuously monitor the fluctuation of the strategies set through the various navigation devices: Tablets, computers, mobile devices.
  • Evaluate heat maps: Why are users browsing for longer in certain areas of the web? How to enhance the other services, etc.
  • Develop proposals for continuous improvements based on monitoring. The main task of this professional is to offer solutions to planned strategies.

Having this professional as an ally in your company is of great help. While the rest of the team is in charge of diversifying the content, continuously employing strategies, improving the graphic identity of the company, increasing the reach and visibility, this person is in charge of measuring and quantifying the total value of all this work.

What qualities should a web analyst have?

  1. Passion for data. This professional will spend hours of his life quantifying statistical data so it is something he must be passionate about.
  2. Team work. Remember that the analyst is the final piece or the conglomeration of all the parts. So you must learn to work and communicate with all the members of the rest of the team.
  3. Scientific. You must use scientifically verifiable methodologies in advance in other projects.
  4. Communication. In addition to assertive communication, this specialist must be pedagogical. Since when talking about statistical data, it is very likely that the client does not understand at first or exactly what is being talked about.
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