6 Stages Of The Customer Life Cycle And How To Retain Them For Life

Do you know the stages of the customer life cycle?

This is the golden question of all entrepreneurs who have been using strategies to retain customers for some time. But what about this cycle? Is there a way to really stop it? Make yourself comfortable and read this article to the end so that you know about the subject.

What is the life cycle of a customer?

life cycle of a customer

If we conceptualize what a cycle is, it is defined as a series of events or phenomena that occur cyclically and that once they end they repeat themselves.

So, orienting this concept to the client’s life stages, we can mention that they begin when this user becomes aware of your existence, each time curiosity about your product or service is aroused, matures with you, and finally ends the moment they leave you.

The 6 stages of the customer life cycle

Although these stages are described as a cycle that must be completed repeatedly, there are sectors where it does not apply. In the same way, we describe below the stages that a client goes through to gain loyalty:

Stage 1: Scope

Before converting this star customer loyal to your product or service, how do you imagine it should be? What emotions make you up? Do you have a personality?

And the best question of all, how can my product or service meet your needs? To generate the reach you want, you must become an analytical spy and investigate all areas of your buyer persona:

  • School
  • Academic
  • Family
  • Loving
  • Social

Once you have detected this profile, you can create the next step and that is to generate all the attractive content for this target audience. One of the high-impact strategies to start a customer’s life cycle process is through visual marketing.

This way you can promote a purchase intention and capture the primary attention of your potential customer.

Stage 2: Acquisition

In the first stage, you promoted two fundamental strategies: The analysis of your buyer persona and how to promote visual content that can capture their attention. If you have created good strategies, your potential client will already be interested in your product or service.

The acquisition stage is that stage of contact or first meeting with your product or service.

Physically, you could develop a stand or banquet where the client can have direct contact with what your product or service represents: smell it, touch it, try it, among others.

In digital, you can send a primary free sample so I can see what your product is about. Some strategies that are implemented so that the potential client can have a first contact with the digital product or service are:

  • A free workshop.
  • Follow-up through podcasts that you can make available on platforms such as YouTube.

A webinar to find out how you run your business and what characteristics the implementation of this digital tool can bring to your life.

Stage 3: Conversion

If in phase two the proximity was good enough, the user will go from a target audience to a customer. At this stage, the analysis and return of ROI are again promoted. Here it is very important to define what were the strategies used that led you to this result?

It is time to maximize them to keep your customer already loyal for many more years and therefore also to be able to attract more.

Stage 4: Growth

Once you have detected which are these strategies have led you to stardom, it is time to think and go further. How to achieve increased ROI?

Some suggestions are as follows:

Focus on creating sales pages: landing pages, or landing pages where not only a single product is promoted but the sum total of all of them.

Make customer lists as follows: Customers who have only made a single purchase, customers who buy continuously, customers who buy with medium frequency, loyal customers. The power of segmentation is also relevant to your customers.

Attractive prices: Not all customers have the same perception of prices, so it is important to evaluate your target audience and see the relationship they have with money. This way you can create attractive enough prices for them. Remember that in many cases the client pays whatever price is for a satisfactory experience.

Stage 5: Retention

It is said that long-term customer loyalty is much more complex than creating a single sale. And it has a lot of truth, for this reason this is one of the stages of the customer’s life cycle that we could mention is of great relevance.

For a client to be part of your big family for a long time, you need to execute strategies such as:

  • Continuous study of your loyal customers. It is necessary to continue evaluating continuously if your product or service continues to satisfy the needs of your client or if it has just become a habit. Continue generating purchase insight and awaken the internal motivation of your client.
  • Send surveys and interviews to measure your customer’s opinions. What does your customer like and dislike about your product or service? What can you improve? All constructive criticism counts.
  • Develop a frequently asked questions landing page. Dispelling doubts reduces anxiety and therefore the assurance that your loyal customer can try another product or service from your same brand. Perhaps you are a loyal customer only for example, in the newsroom and now you would like to try digital marketing.

Stage 6: Loyalty

!! Congratulations!! you have successfully traversed the stages of the customer life cycle. You have achieved the commitment of your client. Did you evaluate what makes your product or service better than the competition? What do ambassadors have to talk about you?

How did you get that prolonged satisfaction in your clients? For this decision to be maintained over time you can develop the following:

A salesforce design: It is very important for your business to have a specialized professional, for example, in the area of ​​customer service. Also another closely related to adding, answering and dispelling frequently asked questions. And so on. Having a trained professional for each area will only enhance the loyalty of your clients, since their needs will be satisfied.

Continuously evaluate metrics: Although this is also part of sales force design, it needs to be mentioned separately. Metrics are the tangible numbers of your business. For this, it is important that you have a mathematical data analyst or the use of tools such as Google Analytics.

How do you know when a customer ends?

We know that if a user meets the stages of the customer life cycle and stays in loyalty, you will have won everything. But it is also necessary to mention that there are clients who also say goodbye to us.

In some other cases, it is impossible for all the stages to be fulfilled and that is, for example, what about wedding planners? Weddings are supposed to occur only once in a lifetime (Unless you decide to get married more than once and yet it is unlikely to use the service in close proximity).

This sector grows through recommendations and word-of-mouth marketing. Although the cycle is not completely fulfilled if they study their population and employ the necessary strategies, they can emerge.

If we mention another example we have social networks. Facebook was created in 2004 and has 2.7 billion active users. ( Wikipedia ). Although it seems a large number of users who spend more time on this social network, millennials have decided to say goodbye.

Now they are torn between Instagram and TikTok when uploading reels that offer fast positioning, reach and visibility. The reason a customer’s loyalty dies is because their needs change, and if your product or service no longer meets them, their cycle ends there.

Final strategies to promote stages of the customer life cycle

strategies to promote stages of the customer life cycle

Although it seems that this life cycle is linear, in many sectors it does not happen in the same way. As we mentioned in the previous statement, this cycle in some cases is not even fulfilled.

As a company or brand, this situation can generate anguish, the truth is that you can do something about it to keep your customers happy for a long time by acquiring your products and services.

For this reason, we mention a series of final strategies that will help you maintain a loyal customer for a long time:

Stay in the mind of your consumer

In order to be in the mind of your consumer, you have to enhance your value proposition. Make sure to create valuable content in your blog section and promote the same message in the different channels on your social networks.

Try to always generate content on the social network where you get value in an organic way. To be in the mind of your consumer you do not need to be in millions of social networks in parallel.

Promote bonding more than a purchase

It is very good to promote your products and services but in an assertive way. What happens when you are continually on top of the potential buyer? You scare it away. Like the typical salesperson who chases you around the store, taking away even the slightest sign of purchase from the potential buyer.

Before selling you must generate a ritual and in this case, it is linking. How can you promote the linking of your products and services?

  • Create segmented promotions for each of your loyal customers: Continuous, intermediate, single sales.
  • Promote miles, free shipping for accumulated amounts among others.

Note: It is also important to take into account at this point that the company is solvent to make these discounts and links. Because if not, more than an advance it will become a problem in the long run.

Cross selling and partnership

It is important to promote, promote and link equally each of the products that you have available for your customers. Why? Suppose you have a single product to which you put all your efforts, if after a while it stops giving the expected results, profitability will be damaged.

It is important to promote, promote and link equally each of the products that you have available for your customers. Why? Suppose you have a single product to which you put all your efforts, if after a while it stops giving the expected results, profitability will be damaged.

So if, for example, a user adds an SEO service to their shopping cart, they will eventually need copywriting. For this reason, we equally offer our web design, social media, SEO, writing, and more services.

Strengthen the shopping experience day by day

Many clients pay the amount of money they consider necessary to receive good care in return. So if you want to lengthen the stages of the customer’s life cycle, focus on developing a satisfactory shopping experience:

Develop a suitable environment

If this client goes in-person to your business or establishment, what could you do to make him feel comfortable?

  • Employs a distinctive odor. That is associated with your values ​​as a brand: Tranquility, femininity, love, peace. The more satisfying this scent, the longer it will remain inside your establishment.
  • The treatment of each of your employees must be pleasant, courteous, and attentive to each of the questions that the client has to elaborate.

If we are talking about improving a shopping environment digitally, make sure you have an intuitive, fast and adapted web design for each of the mobile devices. In addition to this, choose colors that are in line with your brand, add real images of your product or service.

Intuitive micro-interactions so the user feels comfortable with every movement.

Give quality service

The face-to-face area that your sales advisor is at the disposal of your client is of vital importance, although leaving him his prudent space so that he can observe without feeling invaded.

In your online store, you can develop personalized chatbots, a section of frequently asked questions, highly descriptive content among others.

You can also create calls to action that redirect the user to a more personalized experience through a call or your WhatsApp Business line.


The recommendations speak for themselves. The loyalty of your customers will make new potential customers part of your community. So for this, it is important to promote a sense of belonging and recommendation through:

  • Storytelling or stories to tell: If you have a physical space, let your potential clients tell how they feel inside your facilities. Also, be consistent with the feedback, repost their stories and posts to reinforce that they are part of your community.
  • Positive feedback: Encourage your most engaged customers to leave positive feedback on your website.
  • Reviews: Videos or video marketing is also important in this part of the recommendations. Let your ambassadors speak for you and create videos that they can add to the YouTube platform. This will give you in addition to a positive recommendation, positioning in Google.
  • Word of mouth marketing: Let your work also speak for you. May your loyal community be able to get your message across to close friends and family. This is one of the most potential recommendations.

Payment and financing facilities

Promoting empathy is also important when winning customers committed to your product or service. For this reason, you also have to evaluate whether your consumer can continually pay for what you are willing to offer.

If you can’t do it, what better way than to offer you payment installments? This way you can get your product or service and create a win-win relationship.

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