10 Reasons Why a Customer Stops Buying and Does Not Return

Being the leader of a small or medium-sized business is devising sales strategies and not increasing the reasons why a customer stops buying. And it is that in many, focusing solely and exclusively on the product for service leaves out the fundamental protagonist: The customer.

Compelling reasons why a customer stops buying

Why a Customer Stops Buying

There are many reasons why a customer decides not to buy more in our store. In this article we mention some of the reasons why a customer stops buying or the reasons why a customer is lost and that you had not considered:

You have not involved the need to purchase

One of the reasons a customer stops buying is because they don’t feel connected to your brand. It is necessary to remember that the purchase made by the user is 90% emotional and the remaining 10% is logical.

What emotions is your product or service transmitting? What personality does it have? Could you include rituals? The more involved your product or service is with the user’s daily life, the less will be the reasons why they do not buy.

If your product has not yet been launched on the market, you can try an expectation campaign that promotes uncertainty in your target audience.

It does not cover with the characteristics described

If over time the product has lost its quality or does not offer the same characteristics that it usually did, you begin to decrease your customer’s satisfaction.

This also happens when you have an online store and you add reference images. These are not usually quite the same as the physical product. Upon receiving the order, the customer feels that it is not the same as the product he purchased. There is a chance that he will forgive you the first time you have not sent a product similar to the one in the reference image, but if it is a recurring error you will end up losing the customer.

Let’s go now with a real-life example if you have a fast-food chain and your regular customer is going to consume his favorite menu and does not find it as delicious as he will always forgive you. But, if you are continually attending and see that this error persists, you will try to test your competition.

Customers who buy more digitally

The pandemic increased online sales, so having an online presence today is more than a requirement, it is a necessity. However, with this we do not mean that as an entrepreneur you should eliminate the offline business for the online one, on the contrary, to have a presence in the digital media.

And it is that, for example, data from the BBC magazine indicate that 55% of those surveyed bought a product or service through their mobile device. So it is very likely that if you are not on the internet it is another reason why a customer stopped buying.

You have not built a trust or reputation

Why a Customer Stops Buying

When a product or service does not convey trust, it is because it does not have a value proposition. Imagine that you are selling a weight loss product in 5 days. Why should these clients who have spent considerable time trying to lose weight believe you? What sets you apart from the competition?

To build trust in your customer, you must create a value proposition. Because there are also customers who will not trust your product only, but have lost confidence in themselves as well.

So when offering a value proposition the following will happen:

  • The customer who has been attracted by your value proposition will recommend your product or service to their closest family and friends. (Word of mouth marketing)
  • If you have a web page, customers will leave a validation of your product or service.

One of the characteristics that also generate confidence in the purchase of a product or service is to make yourself 100% responsible for any irregular situation that happens. So if, for example, you sell a product but are not responsible for the loss of the package or the guarantee, it is very likely that you will not trust it.

Deficiency in customer service

Many times it happens that you cover all the customer’s expectations in terms of product characteristics, advantages, use, aesthetics, functionality, among others. The potential client goes directly to the contact button and… What happens?

You do not attend to him quickly. Although he is very interested in the purchase, if you do not make him feel like a protagonist, he will experiment elsewhere. Therefore, it is important that you apply the following online:

  • Chatbots that appear intuitively on your website to serve the customer.
  • WhatsApp business with automatic messages programmed with the most common questions from your customers.
  • Frequently asked questions section.


  • Stay tuned to what the client wants and let them know that you are there for any questions they have. Chasing him through all the aisles will not make the purchase loyal.
  • The education of your employees is essential. No matter the adversities of the day to day, the customer must receive a pleasant treatment that allows him to live a satisfactory shopping experience.
  • Use the scents in your store. How do you want your client to feel within your facilities?

You don’t monitor after sales

The acquisition of the product or service does not end with the purchase. It is important to maintain that feeling of protagonism in our client. For this reason, it is necessary to be attentive to:

  • Answer any questions you still have in relation to the product or service.
  • Send newsletters to request your opinion.
  • Personalized emails with promotions and services tailored to your needs.
  • Create dynamics through social networks with your clients that allow you to: Answer live frequently asked questions, stories in real time, among others.

Apply the same attraction for loyal customers to potential customers

This is another reason why a customer stops buying. Especially if you are targeting a prestigious target, it will happen this way. Your loyal customer will want to continue feeling special.

It is important that you plan customer acquisition strategies that are very different from those of customers who have already been acquiring your product or service for years. Since if they are the same, your client will question the loyalty you have with him and an incongruity may be created with the values ​​he already has about the brand.

Your competition offers better proposals

Why a Customer Stops Buying

One of the most common mistakes companies make is competing or adding the same marketing strategies as their competitors. But what happens in your business that still does not generate the sales you expect? It is destined to lose.

The idea is not to beat the competition by using the same strategies but by adding a different element to the market. How do you get this?

  • Adding a communicational tone according to your target audience. The more you understand their needs, the more ideas you will find to satisfy them and, in the midst of their language and culture, transmit this message.
  • Offer the cost of what your product is worth. You should not lower your prices just to beat the competition because this can bankrupt your business.
  • Consider diversifying your product culturally . How many more people could you reach?

The product went out of style

All products have a life cycle: development, introduction, growth, maturity, decline. Have you evaluated what phase yours is in? If you are in the decline phase you have two options:

  • Accept that the product is not of current interest in the market.
  • Transform it to position yourself again in the market.

Disruptive ideas help you transform a product or service. As it has happened throughout the time in which the landline also has the option of the mobile phone, the view of movies on DVD’s was replaced by Netflix. Think… How could you transform your product?

Lack of assertiveness in handling differences

We know that it is an undoubted fact that in a sale we must assume that the customer is always right and that we hope that they are satisfied with each purchase. That is why it is important to handle assertive communication and not fall into the “pressure” or “anguish” of losing him.

As an entrepreneur and leader, you must be sure of each of the characteristics that you offer and your worth as a professional. So this is the same legacy that all your employees should have: Impart safety, respect and assertive communication in each of the complex situations.

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