10 Customer Loyalty Ideas you Should Know

Problems with ideas to retain customers? When you are a solid brand, convincing your customers to purchase your products or services is an easy task. But what about those who are not yet part of your team? These potential clients who are entering your virtual business again and again, are another of the objectives on which to base your digital marketing strategies.

Throughout this article, we will give you some customer loyalty ideas that will increase the number of engaged buyers.

Customer loyalty ideas that will create engagement with your brand

When you forget to create meaningful experiences for your customers, that’s when it costs you more work and investment to continue naturally attracting these buyers. The important thing for the growth of a company is not to invoice a sale, but to retain and commit a customer for life with your brand.

But what is this magic recipe? How can I retain more clients to my company?

We leave you some of the strategies that will create a commitment to your brand:

Continuous market analysis

How do you know how to retain a customer if you don’t know what they think about your brand? It is important to do continuous analysis about your product or service. This can be done through surveys, a free sample of your product or service, a coupon with a discount percentage.

The power of segmentation

Competition increases in the market. For this reason, small and medium-sized companies must evaluate the potential of their product. This will help greatly with your market analysis.

It only remains to use the necessary marketing strategies to enhance that product or service.

Improve the shopping experience

The person who purchases your product or service will not think about “how long it took them to acquire their purchase” but how they made them feel throughout this process . Sounds paradoxical right? In the shopping experience, although time is valuable, it takes a backseat if you are immersed in satisfying emotions.

For this reason, it is important to take into account certain elements and include them in your business, both physical and virtual.

If you want to improve the experience physically:

  • Add scents that are related to your brand.
  • Have employees who are comfortable with what you want to represent as a brand and can only convey good treatment and education.
  • Trust your product or service. You don’t have to chase the customer around the store to make a purchase.
  • Add attractive visual elements such as Eye-catching shopping bags, invoices with good typography, among others.

If you want to improve the shopping experience virtually:

  • Choose a good web design: A fast and intuitive design can only guarantee that your user stays longer to observe your reel of products or services.
  • Add buttons: These buttons are used to guide the user on the actions they can execute on your web page.
  • Informative content: The content and how you transmit it is part of the shopping experience link. The more comfortable and comfortable you make him feel with each word he reads, the more likely he will be able to purchase your product or service.
  • Invest in CRM tools: It doesn’t matter if you have a small business, you should choose a CRM tool that best suits your needs. Including these tools will allow you to attract customers and thus be able to build loyalty.

Use social networks as channels 

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It is no secret to anyone that social networks are currently part of the shopping experience. In fact, users want to feel closer to brands through interactions on social media.

So if you want to retain customers, it is also time to bring your values ​​as a brand to these channels. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Which one is in line with my values ​​as a brand?

E-mail marketing as a convincing strategy

Emails continue to have a huge impact on customer loyalty. As samples of its effectiveness, we see it used on LinkedIn as a strategy to attract customers and if we talk about a sales force design, a single professional is needed to carry out this action.

Email marketing is a way to remind your customers how important they are to you as a brand.

For this reason, some of the actions that you can execute are the following:

  • Speak to them by name: Users like to talk about you to you with the brands to create closeness, if this contact has left their data through the newsletter it is time to make them feel special with a personalized email.
  • Provides value: The most important thing about this email is that this user feels that by acquiring your product or service something in their life will change for the better.
  • Be specific: In your email, you should not be so long. Users, when viewing such a long text, unconsciously evade it. So try to be persuasive and direct.

Storytelling to connect with other stories

Brand growth stories have inspired entrepreneurs to not stop fighting for their projects. Storytelling has a great scope because it is a real strategy, another of the ways in which you can connect with the other.

Telling your story as a personal brand or company can be inspirational material for others.

How can you add it to your virtual business?

  • Invite your users to read the mission and objectives of the company. In this area, the more transparent you should be with the functionality of your company.
  • Celebrate the festive dates of your brand. These days create discounts, make coupons with discount percentages among others.
  • Creating a video telling the story.
  • When launching a new product or service in your range.

Create exclusive programs

While it is important to attract new customers, what about those who are already committed to your brand? You don’t have to take everything for granted, you have to motivate both new customers and those who are already part of your brand.

For this reason, it is necessary that you create exclusive plans for your older clients. You can create a user club for your brand and thus make them feel part of your big family.

Take technology as your best ally

It is no longer a secret that users are buying more through mobile devices. For example, 79% of the population buys from their phone according to OuterBox.

What can you do to adapt your virtual business to mobile devices?

  • First of all, your main page and blog section have an adaptation to mobile devices.
  • Launch an application that allows you to facilitate your user experience.
  • Use WhatsApp business.

Use WhatsApp business to retain customers

What if a user feels interested in your product or service and does not have a direct communication channel with you? He gets discouraged and goes elsewhere. Although you have created buttons so that this client can send you an email, he wants to live a more real experience and this is what WhatsApp does.

Thanks to the predetermined messages you can guide the client in your absence to ask certain questions. If, for example, you have a virtual pants store, you can start with a programmed message asking what size it is and what specific model it wants to ask for.

This saves a lot of time, both for you and your client. In addition to time, it reduces doubts.

What other actions can you perform in WhatsApp Business?

  • Send daily messages with your promotions to users who have written to you directly in the app. So you can use the retargeting effect and stay in the minds of these users.
  • If you don’t want to send a mass message directly, you can use WhatsApp stories to upload your promotions for the day.

Customer opinion is also important in the process

Some companies make the mistake of not adding the comments or rating section for fear of what their customers may comment on it. It is important to carry out this action for two essential points:

  • You let him know that he is part of the process and that you are always willing to make changes for the benefit of your clients.
  • Ratings are important so that another user can take the step of making a purchase.

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